Creatinine Level

Home remedies to Regularize Creatinine Level

To regularize the creatinine levels, it is first important to know what is causing the increase. It is when you address that problem that the problem of high creatinine level will be cured. The common causes of high creatinien levels are kidney stones, UTI, diabetes, high blood pressure, a constant consumption of antibiotics, side effects of certain medicines, and over consumption of red meat. Improving the condition of the kidneys, keeping the blood pressure in check, and lowering blood sugar levels are the main ways of controlling creatinine levels. Dehydration is one of the factors that shoot up the creatinine level. Make sure to drink lots of water and other fluids everyday to flush the creatinine out and keep the kidneys in a good state. To treat and prevent high blood pressure and diabetes, one needs to reduce the daily caloric intake and increase physical activity. You increase the consumption of some food products that are beneficial in keeping kidneys working well. These include lettuce, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, sprouts, radish, cucumber and turnips. Consuming a glass of cranberry juice on a daily basis also keeps the kidneys healthy and treats UTI. One must also avoid consuming dairy products, alcoholic beverages, red meat, caffeine, white flour, sugary food, and other fattening food that result in slowing down of kidneys functioning.

Herbs like Siberian ginseng, dandelion and cinnamon are also effective in lowering creatinine levels. Drinking aloe vera juice also has many health benefits like controlling blood pressure and blood sugar levels and improving the function of the kidneys. Holy basil is also effective in strengthening the kidneys. You can take a teaspoon of basil juice and honey each and consume it every morning on an empty