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Remedy for healing a cut lip

Angular cheilitis

A cut on the lip can cause a lot of discomfort and pain. Occurrences of a cut lip are quite common, and there is nothing to worry about it. A cut on the lip may happen due to any of the following reasons:

  • One of the most common causes for cut lips is dryness. During the winter season, usually, the lips become so dry that they tend to crack and may start bleeding sometimes. This condition is also referred to as a cut on the lip or cold sores.
  • Due to any external injury.
  • Sometimes you happen to cut your lip by biting with your own teeth while eating.
  • A condition referred to as Angular cheilitis is responsible for cuts on one or both the sides of your lips. This condition occurs due to some fungal or bacterial infection. You feel pain whenever you open your mouth when there is a cut on lip at the corner.
  • Excessive cigarette smoking also results in dryness of your lips that may lead to a cut lip.
  • Certain strong antibiotics may also result in cracking of the lips.
  • Occurrence of a cut lip is also very common while shaving.
  • In some cases cut on lip by herpes may also take place. Herpes is a viral disease in which tiny red bumps are formed around your lips and mouth. If not taken care of at the initial stages, it may cause a lot of pain as the bumps begin to crack.

If you have a minor cut on lip, it will heal on its own. However, if the cut on the lip is deep, there are chances of bacterial infection. In such a case, you must take steps to prevent your cut on lip from getting infected as the infected cut lip may lead to more discomfort and complications. Like any other common ailments, there are a number of natural remedies for a cut on the lip as well. For healing a cut lip, you can use any of the following home remedies:

  • Apply a little toothpaste on your cut lip. It will not only give you a soothing effect, but will also help in quick healing of your cut lip. This is the most commonly used home remedy for a cut lip.
  • Cut thin slices of cucumber and gently press them on your cut lips. Keep it there for a few minutes. This is also a very good natural home remedy for cut lip treatment.
  • If the cut on your lip is very deep and it is bleeding, take an ice cube and keep it pressed over the cut till the bleeding stops. Your cut lip will stop bleeding within a few minutes. This is a very effective and proven remedy for stopping the bleeding.
  • For preventing your cut lips from any microbial infections, apply diluted tea tree essential oil three to four times a day. Tea tree essential oil has antimicrobial properties, and thus it protects you from any such infections. This is another great cut on lip treatment in a natural manner.
  • Prepare tea with ginger and sip it slowly. Drink this tea three times a day. This will heal your cut lip as well as give you relief from pain and swelling.
  • If your lips are cut or cracked due to dryness, you need to keep them hydrated. For this, drink a lot of water during the day.

If you find that the cut on your lip has turned white, you must consult your doctor immediately; this may be an indication of some complication and may need proper medical attention.

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Cut lip treatment needs to be started immediately so as to prevent bacteria from entering your mouth. Cut lip treatment depends on the cause of the cut lip. A cut on the inside of the lip or a cut on the side of the lip could be either a deep gash or a small scratch. If it is a deep gash, you might require stitches and medical attention should be sought. If not, here are some home remedies you can use for cut lip treatment.

  • Tea tree oil is one of the most well known and effective remedies for treating a cut lip. Keep in mind though that tea tree oil, being potent, can burn your skin. Therefore, mix it with carrier oil (like vegetable oil) before applying it to your lips.
  • If you have a cut lip as a result of shaving, wash the lip well and either use antiseptic cream on it or rub some alcohol on it. You can also apply a paste made from rose water and turmeric.
  • Inflammation on the affected area can be reduced by drinking tea made out of ginger and feverfew. This tea should be drunk thrice a day.

In case the cut lip does not seem to heal in a couple of days, it would be necessary to get a doctor’s recommendation for effective treatment.