Dark Fingers n Toenails

Remedies For Dark Fingers n Toenails
Your hands and feet are the correct indicator of your beauty and hygiene. All the time and effort you invested in making your face look beautiful, keeping your body in shape or wearing the most trendy clothes will be a waste if you do not have a clean and healthy hands and feet. One of the most important problems that can embarrass you is the dark colour of your nails. It is true that your nails says about your health because in most cases this darkening of nails is associated with health related issues. Along with trying any methods to resolve your problem, finding out the source from which you got it will help in prevention. If dark fingers and toenails is due to a fungal infection, it can be from public pools, public showers, saunas or other places where you expose to moisture. In certain cases trauma, agnail or even excessive use of low quality nail polish will result in nail discolouration. Usually, a black nail is due to infection which will eventually fall off and regenerate on its own. But if pain or signs of infection persists, or if the discoloration covers 25 percent or more of your nail, you have to seek medical advice. But, it is easy to Manage this dark colour of your finger and toenails, using some simple and easy tips and tricks. Try these home remedies to get rid of those unwanted dark discolouration of your fingers and toenails.
Keep your nails dry: Since moisture enhances the dark colour of your nails, try to keep your nails dry. After bathing, swimming or any activity that makes your feet and hands wet or sweaty, dry them as soon as possible.
Water and vinegar: Soak your fingers in a solution of water and vinegar for at least half an hour. Do this daily. This lowers the pH of your nails, and kill the fungus that darkens fingers or toenails. Be patient, as it will take some time to effect. Use an anti-microbial soap: Using an anti-microbial soap will help to prevent further infections. This will help to speed up the action of treatment taken for dark nails.
Use tea-tree oil: Mix tea-tree oil with vinegar . Apply this on your nails with a dropper. This is a home remedy for dark fingers and toenails.
Trim with care: Never tear off affected nails. Always use a clean nail clipper or long-handled nail scissors. The best time to trim your nails is after bathing when the nails are soft enough.
Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar Drops: Combine equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. Drop the peroxide-vinegar solution on the nail. Do the treatment every day as needed.
Allow air circulation: Try to be barefooted. This will increase air circulation around your toenail. Increased air circulation will keep the nails dry. Cedar wood oil: This is known to have anti-fungal properties. It is effective in keeping sweat and moisture away from your feet. Applying cedar wood oil will help to reduce the dark colour of your nails.
Apple cider vinegar: This will help to remove dark coloured nails and promote growth of new one. Soak a cotton piece in vinegar and tie them onto the affected nail. Doing it regularly every night will make your nails extra soft so that it will be very easy to trim off. Use moisture absorbing socks: If your problem is dark toenails, remember to use a moisture absorbing socks. Instead of synthetic socks, go for cotton ones. Do not use tight shoes.
Try these home remedies to treat dark fingers and toenails.