Detox Purge Diet

Detox Purge Diet

A detox purge diet is designed to remove toxins from the body by purging them from your system through elimination. This kind of diet is intended to repair the damage done by environmental exposure to toxins or the consuming of them in processed foods, red meats, dairy and caffeine. While no scientific evidence supports this notion, many people claim to feel rejuvenated after a detox purge and use it as a pathway toward a healthier lifestyle.


Several diets exist with the intent of detoxifying and purging the body. One is the Master Cleanse, which works by nourishing the body with a lemonade mixture and purging it using a sea salt water solution each morning. It’s essentially a fast. Another detox purge diet is the Raw Food diet, which requires that you subsist solely on fruits and vegetables and raw foods. Nothing can be cooked. The theory is eating raw foods taxes the digestive system less and allows you to get more nutrients out of everything you eat. You can also simply cut out processed and other unhealthy foods in an attempt to improve digestion.

Slow Beginnings

Detoxing should begin by simply eliminating processed foods from your diet like canned vegetables, pre-packaged lunch meats and frozen dinners, according to This simple step will make it easier to eliminate other foods from your diet like caffeine, alcohol and refined sugars. The gradual approach reduces side effects and offers a more maintainable lifestyle change rather than a temporary fast.


Detox purge diets do not actually flush toxins from your body, according to the Mayo Clinic. However, they can improve your health if followed in an attempt to eliminate unhealthy foods from your diet. Removing harmful foods from your diet too quickly can cause headaches and tiredness, according to the Mayo Clinic.


Developing a healthier overall diet is a better approach than trying to purge toxins, according to the Mayo Clinic. Especially since just a day or two of fasting can cause nutritional imbalances, vitamin deficiencies and blood sugar issues. Those with an existing medical condition, take medication or experience frequent digestive upset should consult a doctor prior to making any dietary modifications.

Detox Maintenance

Maintaining a well-balanced diet following a detox diet can help to improve your overall health. Foods typically allowed include water, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. Restricted or limited foods often include dairy products and red meats. Homemade Body Cleanse recommends vitamin C supplements, regular exercise and stress reduction as further detox maintenance tactics.