Diarrhoea in Infants


Home Remedies for Diarrhoea in Infants


Teething is the most common cause for diarrhoea in infants. However, diarrhoea in infants can also be caused due to infection, viral gastroenteritis, bacteria etc. Diarrhoea in infants can be treated with home remedies. Read on to find home remedies for treating diarrhoea in infants.


Diarrhoea in infants can make them weak as they get dehydrated easily and faster than adults. So, it is important for every parent to become conscious and learn few things so that they can save their child from getting into serious complications. This knowledge might prove beneficial at any point of time. 


The symptoms of diarrhoea in infants are frequent watery stools, irritation, abdominal cramps, loss of appetite, weakness in the body and vomiting. In severe cases even puss and blood passes in stool. The causes behind infant diarrhoea can be infection, viral gastroenteritis, bacteria and many more. Here are some of the home remedies for treating diarrhoea in infants. 


Tips to Treat Infant Diarrhoea 


Have a quick look at the tips for treating diarrhoea in infants.


Hydration is the Key – Remember feeding your child with the ORS or oral rehydration solution in every 20 – 25 minutes. You can make the solution at home by mixing 8 tea spoons of sugar and 1 tea spoon of salt to 1 liter of water. Keep the solution safe and feed your child with little amount at a time throughout the day.


Continue Breastfeeding – For mothers who are breastfeeding their infants, they should continue feeding them. This will save the child from getting dehydrated.


Diet – Infants who have started solid food can be given a mixture of carrot and banana. Soups in which sugar and salt are mixed should be given. You can give banana, rice, yogurt, buttermilk and small amount of apple juice. Avoid giving your child a heavy meal. Feed him with small quantities a number of times. This will put less pressure on the digestive system and relieve the system too.


Gripe Water – This is a certified remedy especially if the diarrhoea is due to teething. Make sure the gripe water is certified and organic one to save your child from any kind of adverse effect.


Home Remedies for Infant Diarrhoea


Here are some home remedies for diarrhoea in infants.


  • Offer buttermilk eliminating other dairy products from diet.


  • Give mixture of honey and dried ginger powder to the infant every few hours. This will help curbing diarrhoea.


  • Equal amount of dried aniseed and sugar also helps. Keep this mixture on the tongue of your child every one hour.


  • Give pomegranate juice at regular intervals. This will help in rehydrating the child.


  • Cut one apple and boil it in water till it is tender. Add one teaspoon of sugar and 2 pinches of nutmeg. Feed the child with the mixture.


  • Add 3 cups of water to one chopped papaya. Boil for 10 minutes and then strain the papaya from water. Feed 2 teaspoons four times a day.


  • Avoid giving peaches, plums and apricots.


  • Yogurt is the only dairy product that works as binder and aids the digestive system and helps to cure diarrhoea.


Look for the cause because teething is the most common cause behind infant diarrhoea. Give your child a clean organic teething toy or massage the gums of your child with clean hands. This will relax the baby and provide comfort