DNT 53

DNT 53
At present, there is an intense need & demand for effective oral medication which can facilitate cure of Thrombocytopenia (Low Platelets count).

Thrombocytopenia affects 44% to 96% of patients with co-morbid conditions. It leads to an increased risk of life threaten bleeding which needs emergency hospitalization. This usually leads to the demise in most cases.

At present the most common treatment of Thrombocytopenia is Platelet Transfusion, Immunoglobulins, immunosuppressive agents & surgical removal of spleen.

DNT 53™ CAPSULES is clinically proven, safe herbal medicine for Thrombocytopenia which contains blend of herbs. These herbs have been individually and scientifically proven and published in The Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia of India, approved by Government of India. DNT 53™ Capsules is a scientifically developed proprietary medicine which starts increase platelet counts as early as day 3 of consuming it. It brings the platelets counts to a normal levels at the completion of the course. A Govt. certified Lab conducted clinical study to evaluate efficacy & safely. DNT 53™ capsules has shown significant increase in platelet count throughout the study duration when compared to screening platelet level in all enrolled subjects.

During the study we did not find any adverse effect related to safety of the DNT 53™ capsules.