Dry Chapped lips

Home Remedies for dry Chapped lips

Chapped or dry lips are a common problem that can be painful and unattractive. Common symptoms are dryness, redness, cracking, flaking, and tender or sore lips. Some of the main causes are vitamin deficiency, allergic reaction, dehydration, smoking, excessive licking of lips, sun exposure and harsh weather.

There are many commercial products available to treat chapped lips. But you can save money and easily get relief with some easy-to-follow natural remedies.

home remedies for chapped lips:


1. Sugar


Exfoliating dead cells off your chapped lips will help restore their natural softness faster.


  1. Mix two teaspoons of sugar with one teaspoon of honey. Apply the paste to your lips and let it sit for a few minutes.
  2. Then use your fingers and gently rub the mixture around on your lips to loosen the dead cells.
  3. Wash it off with lukewarm water.


2. Honey


Honey is a great moisturizer that also has healing and antibacterial properties to treat chapped lips.


  1. Simply apply pure honey on your chapped lips several times a day.
  2. You can also make a paste of honey and glycerin and apply it before going to bed to enjoy softer lips in the morning.


3. Rose Petals


The rose plant in your garden can also come to your rescue when suffering from chapped lips. This remedy will help your lips stay moisturized while also enhancing their beautiful color.


  1. Wash a handful of rose petals thoroughly in water. Soak the petals in milk for a few hours. (If you have issues with dairy products, you can soak them in glycerin instead.)
  2. Mash the rose petals into a thick paste.
  3. Apply the paste on your dry lips two to three times a day and every night before going to bed.


4. Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer that can help heal chapped lips caused by cold or dry weather. Simply apply pure coconut oil several times a day on your lips to keep them moist. You can also use olive oil or mustard oil.


5. Castor Oil


Castor oil is another good treatment for dry and chapped lips.


  1. Simply apply castor oil to your lips several times a day.
  2. You can also make a soothing treatment using one teaspoon of castor oil, one teaspoon of glycerin and a few drops of fresh lemon juice. Mix it well and apply it on your lips before going to bed. In the morning, wash it off with a cotton ball dipped in lukewarm water. Repeat this daily until your lips are healed.


6. Milk Cream


The high fat content of milk cream makes it a great natural lip moisturizer.


  1. Apply fresh milk cream on your lips and leave it on for 10 minutes. Then gently wash your lips with a cotton ball dipped in lukewarm water.
  2. Do this daily to help your lips heal faster.