Dry Cracked Skin

10 Natural Remedies for Dry Cracked Skin

1. Drink Lots of Water
It is important not only for your overall health and wellness but drinking plenty of water also helps your skin retain it’s natural moisture. Make sure you drink half of your… weight in ounces of water each day. Use a water bottle with the ounces labeled on the side to keep an accurate measurement of how much water you are drinking.

2. Olive Oil
Olive oil is all natural, chemical-free and packed with antioxidants. A lot of moisturizers found in the store contain olive oil. When applied to your skin it can help heal dry irritated or inflamed skin and repair damage that causes sun spots and wrinkles.

Try this: soak cotton balls in olive oil and apply to dry skin patches. Let it sit for about ten minutes before rinsing. You can also apply olive oil to dry hands and feet, cover with socks or gloves and let it sit overnight before rinsing.

3. Honey
Honey softens the skin when applied directly to dry spots.

4. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is creamy, smooth and smells wonderful. This natural remedy also helps soften dry skin.

Try this: add 2 T of coconut oil to your bath.

5. Aloe
Aloe has natural healing properties and can also help soothe dry irritated skin. If you don’t have an aloe plant in your home you can find natural aloe Vera at your local pharmacy.

6. Warm Milk Bath
This ancient remedy does work. Queens bathed in warm milk for centuries. Milk is soothing and helps soften dry skin.

Try this: add 2 c. of warm milk to your bath.

7. Sesame Oil
Sesame oil is another natural oil that can help moisturize dry skin. You can find sesame oil in the Asian section of your local grocery store.

Try this: soak cotton balls in sesame oil and apply to dry knuckles, elbows, and heels. Let sit for ten minutes before rinsing.

8. Avocado
You can apply mashed avocado or avocado oil to dry skin. This natural remedy is helps soothe dry skin and leaves it nice and soft.

9. Oatmeal
Oatmeal applied to the skin will help it retain moisture.

Try this: add 1 c. of oatmeal to your bath.

10. Bananas
Rubbing banana on your skin will also help heal dry cracked skin.

Try this: mash a banana and apply to problem skin or rub the inside of a banana peel on your heels.