Dry nose

Home Remedies To Treat Dry Nose

A dry nose is no disease or reason for worry, yet it can cause immense discomfort and also pose potential health risks if not attended to. Apart from triggering a sinus attack, it can also be a reason for nagging headaches that do not abate.

The second your nose goes dry or leaky, it makes you fall into a pitiable state of unhappiness and discomfort. Common causes of a dry nose range from air conditioning and dehydration to the side effects of medication which result in nasal irritation, itching, swelling, wheezing and bleeding of the nose. In more severe cases, it ends up in vision problems and trouble in breathing. The nose being the first line of defence, it is absolutely necessary to take care of it to stay healthy! Mentioned below are a few home remedies to win over a dry nose.

The Effective Dry Nose Remedy – Best 10
Here are the most effective home remedies for dry nose you can try to get relief from the condition:

1. Drink Enough Fluids:

Depletion of body fluids makes the body tissues dry. Plenty of water is required to make the nasal tissues work efficiently. Inadequacy of hydration can be fulfilled by drinking a minimum of eight to ten glasses of water per day.

2. Petroleum Jelly:

With its multifarious uses, petroleum jelly has the power to heal the skin in several mystical ways. It also renders immediate and prolonged relief to a dry nose. Use a Q-tip to apply petroleum jelly to treat your nose.

3. Humidifiers:
Dryness in the environment can worsen a dry nose and trigger congestion. Maintaining humidity in the room where you spend most of the day is a necessity in frigid weather conditions. Humidifiers or vaporizers are used to add moisture to the surroundings and will ease symptoms such as irritation in the nose and dryness. In the absence of humidifiers, water filled buckets can be placed near heating systems to create ambient humidity.
4. Almond Oil:

Almond oil is a great remedy to mollify the dryness of your nose. Sole application of almond oil eases the ailment, but it acts the best in combination with Aloe Vera gel. Swabbing the mixture with a Q-tip or cotton ball inside your nostrils helps to allay the pain and restores your nose to a tranquil state.

5. Saline:

Saline is nothing but a solution of common salt, which can be easily prepared at home. Saline spray followed by an emollient provides immense relief from a dry nose and congestion. If you are apprehensive about making a saline solution at home, a variety of saline gels are also available in the market to treat the condition.

6. Coconut Oil:

We are not oblivious of the boundless benevolence of coconut oil. It is used for almost everything and always leaves us dumbfounded with its multifaceted properties. Anointing coconut oil in the nostrils prevents dryness of the nose and lessens the pain by filling the gaps between the cells. Be sure not to overdo this remedy like any other. A few drops a day is all that you need to alleviate the symptoms of a dry nose!

7. Steam:

The easiest way to get rid of a dry nose is to inhale steam at regular intervals. This soothing remedy can be followed after application of a moisturizer or lubricant to soothe your first line of defence – the nose!

8. Sesame Oil:

The most annoying thing about a dry nose is the itching and pain that accompany it. Latest studies indicate that sesame oil assuages the pain and irritation caused due to dryness. Sesame oil, infused with essential oils such as chamomile, reduces both nasal irritation and acute itching!

9. Say No To Medication:

Cut down on any medication which increases the dryness by consulting your doctor. Medications tend to dehydrate the body which often causes the nasal passages to go dry! Keep your body properly hydrated if you need to take a high dose of medicine due to any existing illness.

10. Sauna Bath:

Who does not love a sauna bath, and if you can afford that luxury, it is certainly the best way to treat your dry nose and sore muscles! If a sauna bath is out of your reach, simply heat a bath, add a few drops of aroma oil and soak in its goodness for a few minutes. Do not stay in long unless you wish to get a leaky nose in exchange of a dry one!

These were rather simple remedies for dry nose, weren’t they? You will be surprised to see how effective they are once you try them!

Along with these home remedies, a diet rich in protein is suggested as it helps in fighting the infection. In case of any side effects, stop using the particular remedy and try a milder one. In case the condition progresses to bleeding and breathing troubles, do not wait to consult your doctor! Don’t forget, it is easier to prevent an illness than to treat it!