• Deep vein thrombosis, or deep venous thrombosis (DVT)
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  • Deep vein thrombosis, or deep venous thrombosis (DVT), occurs when a blood clot forms in one or more veins located deep inside your body. These blood clots usually develop in the legs, but can occur in other areas also.
  • • Regular intake of a glass of water with 1 tbsp lemon juice and chopped slices of ginger is the easiest solution for blood clot problem.Lemon and ginger is blood circulation improver.
  • • Have one garlic clove daily as it has favorable effects on cardiac factors.
  • • Keep your body hydrated with the intake of lots of water.
  • • Cold water fish should be preferred over other animal proteins.
  • • Most useful herb for improving the circulation of blood is ashvaganda. Hence, it works as one of the most effective home remedies for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) natural treatment.
  • • Broccoli being rich in fiber content is considered good for cardio vascular patients.
  • • An aggravated stress hormone narrows down the blood vessels. Celery is an active compound and helps in reducing the stress hormone and should be included in diet.
  • • Proper vascular state is maintained with the proper amount of Vitamin C in the body.
  • • Banana, apricot, spinach juice help in keeping the blood pressure normal.
  • • Skimmed milk should be used, as non skimmed milk offers extra fat which deposits on the walls of blood vessels thereby thinning their diameter.
  • • Capsicum and pepper help in preventing the platelets to stick together, so you can also include them in your diet.
  • • Prepare a juice of leaves of spinach and one part each of pepper, garlic and clove. This is one of the best herbal remedies for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).
  • • Use mustard oil, canola oil instead of high fat cooking oils.


Dos and Don’ts for DVT

  • Avoid food rich in high Vitamin K.
  • • Avoid smoking.
  • • Avoid the intake of alcohol, as it dehydrates you.
  • Lose weight if overweight.
  • • Control your blood pressure.
  • • Wear compression stockings if advised by your doctor.
  • • Avoid drinking too much coffee or tea.
  • • Daily walk for 15 – 20 min.
  • • Cut down your daily dose of margarine, processed foods.
  • • Avoid long duration flights, if cannot then try walking on aisle after every 2 hours or so.
  • • Don’t sit with an obstruction to the thigh muscle.
  • • Elevate your leg up to 6 inches while sleeping.
  • • Don’t sit idle for long time, move your legs.
  • • Exercise your lower calf muscles, only after consulting your doctor.
  • • Avoid doing risky things which may cause bleeding.

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