Earache Due To Cold

Home remedies for Earache due to cold

*Warm compress near the ear that is clogged and throbbing reduces pain and discomfort very quickly.

*A clove of garlic is added to a teaspoon full of sesame oil. It is then warmed on fire. In a lying position drip two to three drops in the affected ear and allow it to stay there for at least ten minutes. Hopefully the ear ache will be gone soon.

*Grind some basil leaves. Warm the paste mildly and squeeze four drops or so in the infected aching ear. Hopefully it will cure ear ache effectively.

*Warm mango leaves, extract the juice out of these leaves. Pour a few drops in the infected ear and allow it to remain over night. It will work wonder in curing ear ache.

*A very ancient and time tested remedy is pouring few drops of warm mustard oil into the infected ear and allow it to remain there. This is a sure and effective remedy against ear ache.