Eating raw rice

Eating raw rice can be due to a condition known as PICA (eating non-foods or indigestable foods), eating raw rice may cause infections especially if rice is unwahsed. why you eat rice? what makes you to eat rice? this is more important.

This is a problem like nail biting, sadness, depression, anxiety and binge eating. Uncooked rice is full of bacteria. Its better to avoid it. If you look at the shape of each grain of rice, there is a small depression on the top, that is where all the bacteria gets settled. Its hard on the tummy to digest the hard food and on the teeth. Sometimes the rice will be infested with the visible bugs, they lay the eggs and multiply, you are taking in all such things in your tummy and inviting more trouble.

There may be some nutritional deficiency (esp Anemia, so check your Heamoglobin %)

Eating raw rice is not good for your helath , it effects the blood , according to Grandparents.

So to overcome this habit, if you like the taste of the raw rice, then substitute that with Calcium tablets (white). They are also tasteless and yet good for health.

OR you can eat “saunph” or Fennel whenever , you feel the urge.

The best way to get rid of these kind of habits is to drink a glass of water, when the urge rises.

Generally when the cells in our body is in deficiet of any mineral/ vitamin and other chemicals the situation will arrise. Pl take multi vitamin and mineral tablets for 30 eat 5 dates daily in the morning keeping in a glassful of water during night and eat the dates early in the morning and then drink the water. you could also take kismis in honey and take10 – 20 early in the morning