Home Remedies. for Elephantiasis


Clove is best and very effective home remedy for treatment of Elephantiasis. Use cloves as a flavor as habitually as possible. The enzymes present in cloves will help in killing all type of juvenile parasites and effectively remove them from the bloodstream. Take whole cloves and grind them for the maximum results, or one can also add whole cloves to hot tea or coffee.

Black Walnut Oil

Take Black Walnut Oil and add three drops of oil in one cup of warm water, and drink this daily twice. Once ingested, the compounds inside the walnut oil will effectively reduce the number of worms entering the bloodstream as juveniles. For best results take this daily at least for six weeks. It is very effective remedy for elephantiasis treatment.


Make some simple additions in your daily diet for elephantiasis treatment. Like taking garlic and pineapple daily is beneficial as both contain enzymes that have important anti-parasitic properties that can help to clear foreign invaders from body. Eat more Vitamin A rich foods like sweet potatoes, carrots and apricots.