Excessive Saliva In Children

Excessive Saliva In Children
Saliva Producing Foods in Children: Excessive saliva production or drooling is considered normal in infants below 2 years of age. However, the condition may sometimes be a symptom of a more serious medical condition for children above four years of age.

Some foods that produce excessive saliva in children and should be avoided are as follows:
Honey, lollies, jams
Dried fruits, cakes, sweet biscuits
Sugary cereals, fruit roll ups, muesli bars
Fizzy colas, sports drinks
Fruit drinks, cordials, fruit juices
Excessive saliva production may be a temporary ailment. However, the persistence of the symptoms may be an indicator of an underlying neurological disease, especially in the elderly. Consult the doctor or a medical specialist at the earliest.

Home remedies
Sucking on lemon wedges regulates saliva production and reduces excess saliva formation.

Correct posture can reduce drooling.

Eating with closed mouth will help in proper swallowing of saliva instead of spilling.

The excess saliva may also be absorbed by placing a small pinch of ground coffee beneath the tongue.

Another good remedy for excessive saliva in the mouth is to suck on a few sunflower seeds. This is also a beneficial remedy for increased saliva production during pregnancy.