Eye pain

Eye Pain Home Remedies
1. Rubbing palms for a few seconds and placing on the eyes gently will relax the strained eye muscles. The warm pressure also improves blood circulation.
2. Sunbathing is also a nice way to get relieved from eye pain. Stretching your eyes by moving the eye balls in all the direction and allowing more sunlight to penetrate into eyes will de-stress as well as improve circulation.
3. Soaking a ball of cotton in ice water and placing them on eye lids for about half an hour will cure the burning sensation and eye redness.
4. While taking a good care of your face also concentrate on your eyes. A few slices of cucumber or potato will soothe the eyes as well as reduce puffiness around the strained eyes. 
5. Taking breaks from computer use and trying to focus the farthest object of your sight will be a good exercise to eye pain.
6. Eating vitamin A rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, soya, orange, papaya, apples and grapes will provide nutrition to the eyes and cure all types of deficiency related eye infections.