home remedy for curing eyesight and removal of glasses .
Many people in the world are suffering from the diseases such as myopia and Hyperopia are forced to use glasses.

It is simple remedy, yet so amazing that after using it your eyesight would improve significantly and you would become grateful to Ayurveda.
First step:- before preparing the remedy, we will discuss about the things that’s are needed for preparation of remedy.
Almond kernel (Badam Giri)
Large fennel (sounf)
Sugar or (kuja mishri) that are also known as “Crystallized Sugar lumps”.
Note:- You can use either Kuja Misri (Crystallized Sugar lumps) or Sugar.

Method to Prepare the Remedy:-

Crystallized Sugar LumpsTake equal amount of almond kernel, large fennel (fresh & clean) and some of sugar (kuja mishri) and make the Fine powder by grinding these three things and keep the mixture in a glass vessel. that’s remedy is ready for use.

Treatment Method:-
Take the dose of remedy 10 gram with 250 ml of milk at every night before you go to sleep. Take this remedy continuously 40 days with milk then you feel that your eye so bright and doesn’t need glasses.

This is true, if you don’t believe then try and feel the effects of this.
And also relieve (cure) from weakness of mind, mind the heat, twisted mind, and Things to forget by this remedy.

Give half quantity of medicine to the children.
For the full benefit of remedy, don’t drink water for two hours after taking the medicine or remedy.