Facial fat

How to lose weight in your face- a few things to be checked out

Before embarking upon dietary/exercising regimen for losing weight in your face, it is important to check out the aforementioned conditions of kidney disorders, allergic response and that of dehydration. Do bear in mind that some more physiological anomalies including edema, sinusitis, dental/gum infection, mumps and swelling of parotid glands may add to the bulge of face. So, before giving a thought to the prospect of beauty care, it is important to overrule the mentioned physiological conditions.

Exercise for a slimmer, trimmer and attractive face

For a chiseled jaw line and a chin, there is facial yoga to be dwelt upon. You can seize upon a disc video illustrating the nuances of those yogic exercises. In fact, you can get hold of a DVD demonstrating exercises meant for each and every muscle of the facial contour. One of the drills related to trimming up of double chin involves stretching of neck until your head curves gradually in a backward direction. Having curved it to the point of ceiling, you need to part and parse your lips in quick succession. Extension of the lower jaw line and following it up with the raising of lower lip beyond the point of upper lip is one of the exercises meant for a trimmer and attractive face. There is yet another focusing on the rotational movement of the head with your back being straight and erect.

Dietary measures for losing facial fat

Excess intake of fat and that of refined carbohydrates, lead to the puffiness of face. The same is true of uncooked salt. In order to add to your facial glow and that of trim insist on diet rich in vitamin and minerals. Minimal intake of cooked, as well as uncooked, salt needs to be harped upon. Particular emphasis should be given on the inclusion of dietary resources rich in Vitamin C apart from those enriched with Beta Carotene. Besides quenching your hunger with salads and greens, go all out to feast on juicy fruits of varying kinds. Three to four helpings of fruits and veggies must be insisted on. Instead of opting for caffeinated beverages, go either for organic green tea with dash of lemon & ginger or water enriched with juices of lemon. Keeping your system well hydrated with juices and water is one of the effective dietary measures for losing facial fat. But make sure that you avoid aerated drinks or those with artificial sweetening.

Body tends to retain water, when the water intake is insufficient. Face is most vulnerable to this water retention, giving way to puffiness. So increasing the water consumption is of paramount importance when it comes to losing the facial puffiness. Ensure that water/juice measuring nine ounce is consumed eight to nine times. Similar to containing the intake of artificially sweetened beverages, it is important to do away with alcohol. Besides dehydrating your body, it also serves to add to your calories. Addition to calorie cannot be the option when you are on a weight losing spree, even if the loss pertains to facial contour. Calcium adds an edge to the prospect of weight loss by preventing bloating/water retention. It has leading deals to offer in the total package of weight loss. Toned or double toned dairy products including milk, unsweetened curd and cottage cheese can be a part of the dietary measure for losing facial fat.

How to lose weight in your face- overmedication is an impediment

In case, you are keen on losing weight in your face, tendency towards overmedication needs to be curbed. Pain killers or analgesics popped in every now and then on the least of provocations, adds to the prospect of water retention. Water retention in turn aggravates the problem instead of reducing it.


Rule of three

Don’t smoke: Your body will be ensured of a regular supply of vitamin C to keep your skin elastic.
Cut salt: Sodium is nasty. It makes the body retain fluids rather than flush them out, leaving you bloated. Choose fresh foods over canned eats. Limit the number of times you eat out. Restaurant meals contain obscene amounts of salt.
Up calcium: Calcium-rich foods like spinach, broccoli and sesame seeds help reduce water retention.