Fibrocystic Breast

Home Remedies Fibrocystic Breast

Fibrocystic breast is a condition that develops when fluid is not being evacuated fast enough from the breast causing cysts to form in them. These lumps move around the breast, grow and shrink, but they are benign. You can find in this page the latest home remedies fibrocystic breast. 

Normally the fluids in the breast are transported out by the lymphatic system. But if there is too much fluid some may get deposited in different areas of the breast, tissue grows around them creating these lumps. Like we said before these cysts are harmless, but they should be monitored, and a woman should check frequently her breasts in order to find and control the cysts. Frequent mammograms are recommended too.

Discomfort, tenderness, and noticeable growth are normal specially around menstrual periods when estrogen levels change, it may be that the cysts disappear after the monthly period. However if the lump is hard, does not move freely and does not go away, check with a doctor immediately. 

Home remedies fibrocystic breast we recommend


Home remedies fibrocystic breast #1: Coenzyme Q10 is very important to remove toxins from the body and help control fibrocystic breasts.
Home remedies fibrocystic breast #2: In many studies Primrose oil has shown to reduced size of lumps.

Home remedies fibrocystic breast #3: Take vitamin E it’s an antioxidant that protects breast tissue against fibrocystic breasts.

Home remedies fibrocystic breast #4:  Vitamin B6 manages fluids and hormone levels. 

Home remedies fibrocystic breast #5: Don’t drink coffee, regular tea, colas, chocolate and any other foods that contain caffeine has been proven to increase fibrocystic breasts.

Home remedies fibrocystic breast #6: Breast Cyst tea.

1 tsp. burdock root.
1 tsp. mullein leaves.
1 tsp. dandelion root.
1/2 tsp. prickly ash bark.
1/2 tsp. cleavers leaves.
1 quart water.
Mix ingredients and drink 2 cups a day.

Home remedies fibrocystic breast #7: Breast compress.

1/2 tsp. calendula flowers tincture.
10 drops lavender essential oil.
3 drops ginger essential oil.
3 drops chamomile essential oil.
1 cup warm water.
1 cotton cloth.
Mix all ingredients, soak rag in the solution and place it over the area where the cysts are, for 5 minutes, then repeat.