Flat Tummy After C-Section

Giving birth is a difficult period in a woman’s life. But when you see your baby and take him/her in your arms, you can forget all the pains in the world. But your post pregnancy weight is something that is still hard to come to terms with. Especially the post c-section pouch can be very bad for your self-esteem. To get a flat tummy after c-section, you need to be positive. Most women end up carrying that slight pouch post c-section all their life because they never believe that they can actually lose it. Your stomach can go back to being flat only if you follow the right post c-section belly workout. The first step to getting a flat tummy post c-section is actually believing that you will fit into your old pair of jeans again. YOGA POSES FOR POSTNATAL WEIGHT LOSS The process of losing any kind of belly fat is not easy. It just gets worse after a c-section delivery because you cannot do the standard abdominal exercises. However, there are some alternative ways to reduce your post c-section belly pouch. Try out these 10 basic steps to get a visibly flatter tummy after c-section.
1.Breastfeed The best way to lose weight after a c-section is to breastfeed your baby. You must breastfeed your baby exclusively for 6 months. This helps to melt away a lot of extra fat from your tummy


The First 6 Months Are Crucial Do not let go of your body within the first 6 months. After delivery, your body still has the pregnancy hormones in circulation and all the fat in your body is ‘loose’. Once the fat solidifies and gets set, it will be much harder to lose weight


The Abdominal Belt It is painful and irritating but wear the abdominal belt at all times of the day. You can remove the belt only when you are eating, sleeping or using the toilet.


Tummy Binder The tummy binder is an old process of tucking in the tummy. The post c-section tummy is tied up with a muslin cloth or an elastic cloth like a bandage. This pushes the stomach in. You can do this only 2 months after a c-section when your tissues heal.


Yoga Asanas Yoga is one of the best ways to get a flat tummy after c-section. Try out the yoga asanas like pranayama to tighten your abdominal muscles and tuck in your tummy.


Kegel Exercises Kegel exercises are basically vaginal floor exercises. You have to practise pulling in your vaginal muscles, holding it for 30 seconds and releasing it again. This also helps to lose the post c-section belly fat.

Drink Lots Of Water Water helps to restore the fluid balance of the body. It might be surprising but water also helps to flush out excess fats from your system.


Lipid Bursting Massages If you do not feel strong enough for a full fledged post c-section belly workout, massages can be very helpful. You can try some Ayurvedic lipid bursting massages to strengthen your muscles and also lose weight.


Low-Fat Diet If you are a breastfeeding mother, do not go for a low-carb diet. You need carbohydrates to give you extra energy for lactation. You should ideally have proteins, fresh vegetables, fruits but stay away from raw fats like ghee, butter and sweets.


Go For Brisk Walks You may not be strong enough to run on the treadmill yet. But you need to do cardio exercises. So, start by going for brisk walks and slowly increase the pace of walking until you can sprint again.