Flu (Influenza):
• The influenza virus attacks the respiratory tract
Symptoms to look for:
• Severe weakness
• Body pain
• Fever
• Headache
• Chills
• Sore throat
• Cough
• Running nose
• Watery eyes
• The body temperature touches 104°F
• It is a highly contagious condition which can spread via:
   o Coughing or sneezing of the infected person
   o Sharing handkerchiefs or other common items with the patient
Natural home remedy using honey and cinnamon powder:
1. Take 1 tsp of honey in a bowl
2. Place it in 1 bowl of hot water to make it warm
3. Add a pinch of cinnamon powder to the honey
4. Mix well
5. Have this 2 times a day
Natural home remedy using onion and honey:
1. Take 1 mashed onion
2. Press it on a sieve and extract the juice
3. Add 1 tbsp of honey
4. Mix well
5. Drink 1 tsp 3 times a day
Natural home remedy using fenugreek powder, lemon juice, honey and ginger paste:
1. Take 1 glass of hot water
2. Add 4 tsp of fenugreek powder
3. Add 4 tsp of lemon juice
4. Add 1 tsp of honey
5. Add 1 tsp of ginger paste
6. Mix well
7. Boil for 15 min
• This remedy enhances sweating and reduces fever.
• Inhaling steam cleans the respiratory tract
• Increase garlic intake as it restricts the growth of the influenza virus