Foods that fight against cancer cells

Foods that fight against cancer cells
The chance of getting cancer-related deaths are linked to your lifestyle choices,diet.You know smoking and drinking are the main causes of certain types of cancer.A healthy proper diet,regular exercise makes you keep away from cancer.The best way to keep away from cancer is having a healthy diet.There are many foods that fight against cancer list.

Here we list top foods which fights against cancer cells.Broccoli : Broccoli contains indole 3-carbinol which helps us to fight against breast cancer in women and other types of cancer such as colon and rectal.

Garlic : Garlic helps us to fight against not only cancer and also it kills the cancer causing substances in the stomach because of its immunity-enhancing compounds

Carrots: Make sure to take carrots regularly in your diet as it helps us to fight against lungs,stomach,prostrate,bladder and intestine cancer.

Mushrooms : A protein called “Lectin” present in mushrooms that helps to fight against cancer cells and also prevent them from spreading out to other parts of the body.Mushrooms strengthens the body cells and immune system.

Nuts : Nuts are the rich sources of anti-oxidants such as quercetin and kaempferol that stops the growth of the disease.

Papaya : Papaya contains vitamin C which acts as a antioxidant to our body.It helps us to fight against cancer. Papaya lowers the risk of getting cancer caused by consumption of canned food.

Avocados : Avocados are power packed with powerful antioxidants that absorbs the fat cells in the body which leads to cancer.According to research Avocados have more potassium than bananas.

Grapes : Grapes are the rich sources of vitamin c and folic acid which helps to fight against mainly breast cancer and other cells in the body.

Tomatoes : Tomatoes contains vitamin C which acts as antioxidant which damages the cancer causing cells that leads to cancer. According to studies it also kills the mouth cancer cells as it contains lycopene.