Foods to boost your immune system


Foods to boost your immune








Apples are rich in fiber which helps reduce the risk of colon cancer.Leave the skin and eat fresh.Before eating an apple keep it in slightly boiled water to remove the wax and have it with skin.It is preferable to have fresh apple from garden is good for health.






Broccoli has rich in vitamin C and folic acid which helps to development of t-cells.



Broccoli keeps the immune system healthy and healthy pregnancy.It also helps to get rid of built-up toxins.It also protect skin from UV damage.






Corn are rich in vitamin B5, which are very important to adrenal glands and immune system.Corn converts saturated fat and carbohydrates into energy. B5 vitamins may loss due freezing and processing,so fresh corn and lightly boiled is preferable.






Garlic may contain antibacterial,antiviral agents and selenium.Selenium in garlic helps to reduce cholesterol and heart diseases.It also reduce metal toxicity in the body.






Yogurt contains probiotics are the healthy bacteria which keeps gut and intestinal tract free of diseases.Daily having 7 spoons of yogurt helps in boosting the immune system.



Oats and barley:



These grains contain a type of fiber called beta-glucan with antimicrobial and antioxidant.By eating these grains boosts immune system,quick wound healing and may help as antibiotics.In animals eating these grains they are less affected by anthrax,influenza,herpes etc…..



Sweet potatoes:



No one think skin is also a part of our immune system.It works as first line fortress against bacteria and viruses.For a healthy and strong skin you need vitamin A which plays a crucial role in connective tissue which is a key component of skin.



Black tea:



People who are having 5 cups of black tea for two weeks,they had 10 times more virus fighting interferon is developed in their blood. Amino-acid present in black tea helps to boost up the immune system.






It will increases the production and activity of white blood cells. mushrooms for a healthy immune system.