Foot care

1. The simplest way to take care of your feet is to marinate your feet for 10 minutes in a combination of lukewarm water and salt, eradicate and rub dry particularly between the toes.

2. The hot and cold feet care treatment will benefit the blood flow of your feet. Therefore, you have to plunge your feet in warm water and then again submerge in cold water. You
have to continue this for 20 minutes.

3. Otherwise, immersion of your feet for 10 minutes in a mixture of hot water and shampoo will develop the surface of your toenails.

4. You can cure cracked heels by a light application of a combination of Vaseline and a few drops of lemon juice.

5. While natural bathing, first you have to rub your heels with a pumice stone and then applya high-quality moisturizing ointment.

6. You have to pamper your feet with a high-quality hand and body cream.

7. Cracked heels need soft application of a mixture of Vaseline and a few drops of lemon juice.

8. After bath, massage your feet with almond oil.
Particularly in these days, the big metros are so extensive that people have to travel a lot from one place to another. So, it is indispensable for them to take additional care of their feet for evading foot troubles.

Cracking and fissures in the skin of the heels and balls of the feet can be hurting, particularly for those bulky persons who put stress on these parts. Any unwrap skin wound is prone to germs due to the influence of fissure. Foot infections can be extremely acute, as the germ tends to increase quickly and journey bottomless into the foot swiftly due to constant stress. It is difficult to cure them as the cut is bordered by calloused skin

In the complete human body feet are the most strained and worked out part, but inspite of this we have never tried to take care of them. Here are some remedies to give relief to your feet:

Massaging the feet each night with oil makes them soft and relaxes the whole body. It also increases the blood circulation of body.

Do not wear tight shoes. Always wear comfortable stockings and shoes.

A slice of lemon can be placed on the corn and can be bandaged.

The sap from a marigold stem, papaya juice are good remedies to cure corns.

Apply glycerine on the feets to make them soft.

Do not walk barefoot or do give exposure of bare feet to the sun, wind or water causes. It may cause cracks on the heels and soles.

Apply three tablespoons of honey and mix it one teaspoonful sesame oil in it. Warm it a little and apply on the feets to cure dryness and cracks.