Forehead Acne

Causes that Trigger Forehead Acne:

As you can see in the image above, according to Chinese medicine, forehead acne is related to digestive disorders. But there are also other causes that trigger forehead acne. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Clogged Pores:

  • One of the main and universal cause of acne.
  • Clogged pores can be dealt easily with a good CTM routine followed by a monthly steam session.
  • Please don’t overdo the steaming session.
  • Excessive steaming is not advisable for acne-prone skin.

2. Dandruff In Hair:

  • Dandruff in hair can trigger acne on forehead.
  • Try using a good anti-dandruff shampoo to get rid of dandruff.

3. Oily Scalp:

  • Oil from the oily scalp tends to seep and result in clogged pores and acne on your forehead.
  • Make sure you wash your hair on alternate days to ensure an oil-free scalp.

4. Certain Medications:

  • Certain medications like birth control pills have a tendency to trigger forehead acne in certain people.
  • Question your doctor every time he prescribes you medication relating to hormonal issues.

5. Digestive Problems:

  • Digestive problem is the most likely cause of forehead acne.
  • It needs to be tackled with a well balanced diet.
  • Drink lots of water, include green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet.
  • Avoid fried foods and artificial tasters. Exercising regularly also helps greatly.

6. Excess Stress:


  • Stress contributes to most of our illnesses including your acne.
  • Beat stress by following a healthy life style.
  • Yoga and meditation helps in reducing stress to a great extent.
  • Alternatively indulge yourself in a relaxing spa for an instant stress release.

7. Certain Hair Products:

  • Certain hair styling products like hair spray, heat protectant, serum etc can trigger acne.
  • Ladies with bangs, are more prone to forehead acne.


8. Over Exfoliating:

  • Exfoliating helps in removing dead cells and keeping skin fresh.
  • Over exfoliating could result in skin irritation and acne.
  • Exfoliation is best when not done more than twice a week.

9. Wearing Helmets And Caps:

  • It is always advisable to cover your head and forehead with a clean cotton cloth or dupatta before wearing helmet.
  • Keep your helmet dirt free.
  • Going without helmet is highly dangerous.

10. Hormonal Causes And Other Genetic Factors:

  • The final and most difficult to deal with is the hormonal and genetic factors.
  • Though such factors are difficult to eradicate they could surely be treated by proper medication.

The Best Remedies to Reduce Pimples on Forehead:

Here are a few tested remedies that will help to reduce the acne and pimples on forehead irrespective of the cause:

1. Clay Mask with Tea Tree \ Lavender Oil:

  • Make a thin clay mask with water.
  • Add tea tree oil or lavender oil for a boost, and apply the mask on your forehead.
  • Leave the mask on overnight and rinse it off when you wake up.
  • Remember to throw a towel onto your pillow before you sleep!
  • This simple mask can combat most beastly pimples in just a day,
  • This mask leaves behind fresh and supple skin that will win you compliments.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar:

  • Apple cider vinegar is the perfect remedy for pimples on head scalp.
  • You need to swab a bit of the apple cider vinegar once or twice a day onto the affected area.
  • This works best on a single beastly zit or blemish.
  • Remember it is best not to rinse the apple cider vinegar, unless you really feel you should.

3. Lemon Juice:

  • One of the most common tried and tested pimple cures is the good old lemon.
  • Dab a few drops of lemon on the zits and leave it on overnight.
  • It is best to use lemon on the pimples at night, and avoid stepping out in the sun if you have to use it during the day.
  • Lemon juice makes your skin photosensitive and can cause many more blemishes or sun damage.

4. Mustard Powder With Honey:

  • Slather some mustard powder mixed with honey onto the zits.
  • Mustard contains natural salicylic acid that is an active ingredient in most over-the-counter pimple medications.
  • While you can use bottled mustard, it is best to make your own mustard pack, by grinding together mustard and honey.
  • Leave this pack on the zits for 15 minutes and wash off.
  • Mustard is also rich in Vitamin C, zinc, and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that will surely leave your skin glowing!

5. Tomato Mask:

  • Tomato masks can combat acne as well as acne scars.
  • If you wake up one morning to see an unsightly eruption or two and have a tomato handy, simply cut it up and rub it onto your forehead twice a day.
  • Rich in antioxidants the tomato juice will miraculously heal acne.
  • Bear in mind that excessive use can cause dryness, so dilute the juice if you wish to use it more than twice a day.

6. Essential Oil Bath:

  • Essential oils such as lavender oil can address acne while leaving your skin fresh and rejuvenated.
  • Dab a bit of the oil onto the zits, and they will slowly diminish.


7. Eggs:

  • This home remedy is my official recommendation.
  • Eggs can indeed help alleviate symptoms of acne.
  • After making a delicious omelette for breakfast, swipe your hand inside the egg shell and pick up some of the white gooey stuff, and dab it on your forehead.
  • Leave this as long as you like or can tolerate!