Types of freckles:

There are basically two types of freckles. They are as follows.

Ephelides :

This phrase identifies smooth places which can be reddish as well as light-brown as well as commonly glimpse throughout the inviting many weeks as well as diminish inside the winter. Ephelides (freckles) are usually tanned macules on the skin color. Ephelides are usually several within number. Though ephelides are usually primarily cancerous, they are often witnessed in collaboration with systemic disease.  Ephelides are usually linked to good skin color and also reddish or even crazy hair. Contrary to photovoltaic lentigines, ephelides aren’t firmly linked to age.


Kids may create a smaller color, darkish, as well as dark place that is often richer when compared with a great ephelis-type freckle as well as that doesn’t diminish inside the winter. Some sort of lentigo is usually a tiny, pigmented ripped or even somewhat lifted area with a obviously described edge which is enclosed by means of normal-appearing skin color. Lentigo or even lentigines might develop gradually above several years, or even they will often appear all of a sudden. They will arise anywhere around the body and also differ within coloration by tan-brown to help dark-colored. Seen beneath microscope a lentigo demonstrates a higher variety of typical melanocytes (skin cellular material in which make this pigment melanin in which produces skin color colour). Melanocytes seem to substitute keratinocytes within the basal level with the pores and skin.

Causes of freckles:

  • Publicity regarding skin color to be able to sun’s rays is amongst the main root cause of establishing freckles
  • Freckles can diminish whenever sun’s rays publicity is actually lowered as well as taken out. The basic root cause of freckles usually are many specific cellular material inside the skin color in which produce a pigment named melanin.
  • If you have melanin in your body, going on acquiring from a single area, after that it may well end in freckles era places
  • Freckles usually are influenced through anatomical aspect in addition
  • Hormone Abnormalities might cause freckles because estrogen over-stimulates pigment-producing cellular material, creating these phones make excess coloration whenever confronted with sun rays

Treatment intended for freckles:


Items that contain hydroquinone as well as kojic acidity are offered using as well as with not a pharmaceutical drug. Increased concentrations regarding hydroquinone (over 2%) need a pharmaceutical drug. These products can assist brighten freckles as long as they usually are applied constantly more than a amount of many weeks. Bleaching as well as falling products usually are best in combination with sun’s rays elimination as well as sun’s rays security.


From time to time utilised in conjunction with various other bleaching products, tretinoin, tazarotene, adapalene  in addition will help brighten freckles whenever applied constantly more than a amount of several months.
Cryosurgery: A new lighting freeze using fruit juice nitrogen inside the doctor’s workplace can be used to take care of many sorts of freckles. It’s not all places interact to cold as well as burning.

Laser treatment:

A number of sorts of lasers will help brighten as well as decrease the style regarding freckles safely and securely as well as properly. Like cryosurgery, that is a basic as well as secure process which has a substantial accomplishment charge along with a minimal chance regarding scare tissue as well as skin color tinting.

Photofacials as well as Intensive Pulsed Mild treatments usually are an additional technique to brighten as well as get rid of freckles. This isn’t a genuine laser method however a rigorous light source.

Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Freckles:

Use of sunscreens:

Sunscreen lotions will be really helpful if you are looking forward to protecting your skin from freckles or sort of sun moles. Experts have recommended that one is supposed to used Sunscreen lotion with formula 20 and not more than 40, which simply means SPF 40 and below.


Clothes will help people a lot from protecting from freckles. The more lose the garments are, the better the people feel as there will be free flow of air between garments. Therefore friends, always make sure that you wear better garments. Please note that cotton clothing is best!

Umbrella and sunglasses:

If possible, always protect yourself from harmful ultra-violet rays. You can do that by carrying an umbrella if you are aged or woman. You can even wear big sun glasses as it will protect your eyes and the sensitive skin around eyes. Making sure that freckles are not formed along the eyes is very important friends.

Supposing you are already having freckles and find yourself in a helpless position, then you still don’t have to worry as we present before you the best ways for hiding freckles.


Make up can work wonders on your skin and hide many moles and other scars behind the sheaths of talcum powder and other cosmetics that touch your skin. So make sure you adhere to make up before you step out if you have freckles and want them to be unnoticed. However, ensure you don’t make up heavily as people will easily understand that you are trying to hide something on your face.

Lemon juice:

Do you know that when you apply lemon juice and come out, your freckles will not be seen? It sounds strange but true. Many people, who followed this simple tip have felt very happy as no one couldn’t detect their freckles.

Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies for freckles

1. Banana and Mint leaves

1 Mashed Banana
2 Tablespoon of crushed mint leaves
Make paste of these ingredients and apply on the area which has freckles, the paste has to be left on the skin till it gets dry after which it has to be washed off with normal water.

2. Lemon juice, Salt and Honey

1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
Pinch of salt
1 Tablespoon of Honey
Mix all these ingredients to apply on the freckles, here in this mixture honey acts as natural bleach lightening the dark spots. However care has to be taken when applying this mix so that it will not get in contact with the eyes, once the mix has been applied to freckles for about ten minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water.

3. Potato and Buttermilk

1 slice of potato
Butter milk
Soak the potato slice in buttermilk, once this is done rub the soaked potato all over the freckles and has to be done thrice every week to get effective results.