Fungal Infection

Fungal infection is a dreaded disease to women as it causes a lot of embarrassment and discomfort to women of all age groups. Discomfort can be dealt with, but it has negative side effects in a couple’s personal life because intimacy is at risk. Although women suffer the most from this variant of fungal infection, it can occur occasionally in babies as well as men. There are many tried and tested home remedies that are proved to be an effective cure for fungal infection. Given below are 3 common home treatments that can be tried at home and you will notice that the effects of the fungal infection disappear in no time.

1. The first remedy for the fungal infection is yogurt. Yogurt is made up of acidophilic bacteria that are helpful bacteria. These bacteria produce hydrogen peroxide which neutralizes the pH level in the vagina and kills the Candida Albican fungi which is actually the main culprit in this fungal infection. Sugar free yogurt is beneficial to your health too. Yogurt can be applied outside the vagina or also inside using a tampon. Olive oil should be coated on the tampon so as to prevent the tampon from absorbing the yogurt. This can cure the fungal infection within a few days.

2. Another home remedy for treating this fungal infection is vinegar. It is a weak acid and helps in restoring the pH balance in the vagina. Take a tub, add a few drops of vinegar into it, and then sit with your naked hips immersed in the tub for around 30 minutes. This is also called as a Sitz Bath. It is an excellent cure to treat fungal infection. Vinegar is an acid which enters the vagina and kill the fungus which is responsible for the fungal infection.

3. Garlic is also known to help cure fungal infections. It is a very dominant and powerful antiviral and antibacterial agent that can kill the candida fungi and you will notice that the fungal infection symptoms just disappear. See that you apply olive oil on the garlic pod before inserting the garlic pod into the vagina. The olive oil acts as a good lubricant. The above home tips will make you realize that the fungal infection just disappears.

4. Take care of your diet too. Lots of fresh green fruits and vegetables and lots of yogurt will help you tide over this fungal infection pretty fast. See that you wear clean undergarments so that the fungal infection can be controlled. There is no need to panic as the fungal infection has a cure and can be treated with suitable remedies.