Gas Pain In Chest

Home Remedies For Gas In The Chest

1. Lie Down
When you have gas pain in the chest and it causes discomfort you need to:
• Lie down with the head elevated
• Rest in this position for some time to reduce the discomfort

2. Drink Lots Of Fluids
Often the gas build up is due to poor digestion.
• If fluids are taken in plenty, it helps to move the undigested food along
• The fiber rich food which usually causes build up of gas is aided in digestion by increased fluid intake
• Increased fluid intake reduces constipation and allows gas to pass out of the system

3. Stay Away From Carbonated Drinks
When one has gas it is necessary to avoid carbonated drinks.
• Carbonated drinks add to the gas formation and increases the discomfort
• The pain in the chest due to passing of gas will increase due to intake of such beverages
• Carbonated drinks tend to have empty calories and hence, one will be adding on unnecessary sugar in the system

4. Positions That Alleviate Gas In Chest
• You could kneel on the bed with the buttocks in the air and the head facing down. That is a position which encourages the excess gas to pass out of the system
• One could lie down and press their two legs against the stomach. At the same time, while breathing in, one should try and force the air out like passing of gas.
• When doing so make sure you are alone
• When trying to push out the air from your abdomen ensure that the stomach is empty

5. Positions In Bed
There are some positions that the doctors recommend while lying down which helps to prevent the gas build up in the chest or the abdomen. These positions might be simple but they are effective in helping one to reduce their discomfort and be able to sleep at night if the gas build up is causing discomfort.
• Lying down on one’s left side is said to work wonders.
• Even though it is a simple solution, it is recommended in many instances such as when someone is facing gas problem during pregnancy or when someone has undergone colonoscopy.

6. Common Kitchen Ingredient
• There are many common ingredients that are used in Asian kitchens which are helpful for removing flatulence such as mustard
• Mustard is often added in cooking different dishes and that prevents gas build up
• Indian spices like cardamom, cumin and turmeric are known to have beneficial properties for aiding the digestion. One could use these spices to lightly prepare curries that will reduce the bloatedness or gas build up in the stomach.

7. Drinking Hot Fluids
• It is said that fluid intake reduces the gas build up in the abdominal region
• If one drinks or consumes hot water or hot beverages like tea, it helps to move the gas along the digestive tract and release it out naturally.

8. Position On The Ground
There are certain positions that one can take up or exercises that can be done in order to release gas from the stomach or reduce its build up.
• One position that is beneficial is to lie flat on the ground on one’s back. While one inhales, the left foot is raised towards the chest slowly.
• The foot needs to be held to the chest with one’s hands for ten seconds.
• At such a time the breath needs to be held
• The feet should be released while exhaling
• The same steps should be repeated with the other foot
It is seen that gas is passed when these movements are conducted along with the breathing being coordinated.

9. Fruits To Consume
• There are certain fruits that heat up the system and prevent gas from building up.
• Intake of papaya is one example which will help to reduce the bloatedness

10. Different Kinds Of Tea That Can Be Consumed
• Tea like peppermint tea offers relief
• Ginger or chamomile tea are also beneficial
• Herbal tea has anti flatulent properties which prevents the build up of gas in the stomach

11. Get Moving
• Often, insufficient exercise causes poor digestion for which gas build up occurs.
• Going for an evening walk or simply increasing one’s physical activity will provide relief

12. Lying Down Exercises
There are some exercises that one can do while lying down in bed:
• Cycling in the air by putting one’s legs high up in the air and pretending to cycle
• Scissor like movements with the two legs in the air
• Yogic positions also help to remove flatulence and bloated feeling

13. Charcoal Capsules
• If you have charcoal capsules at home they will help to reduce bloatedness
• Excess gas and impurities of the system are removed by such supplements.

14. Baking Soda
• You could try and have a hot cup of water with baking soda added in it. It helps to reduce flatulence.

15. Ginger In Different Forms
One of the known kitchen ingredient that is known for its curing properties is ginger. It can provide relief in different forms.
• It can be consumed in small pieces
• One could put it in their tea
• Consume ginger tablets

16. Try Sit Ups
• Doing sit ups will surely get the gas moving and will force it out of your system.
• Such exercises are good for the stomach as well as the legs. Thus, not only will you be toning your abdominal muscles as well as the ones on your legs, you will be releasing gas and gaining relief from flatulence.

17. Apple Cider Vinegar
• A useful home remedy is consuming two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar.
• It will aid in digestion and reduce the discomfort caused by flatulence.

18. Avoid Dairy Food Products
• If you are getting the feeling of bloatedness often, it could be a sign of food intolerance.
• Many people are often unaware of their intolerance to gluten rich foods or dairy products.
• Understand which kind of food items are causing the feeling of bloatedness in your body and avoid consuming them.