Get Pregnant Naturally

Homemade Remedies that Will Help You

Get Pregnant Naturally

Sometimes when a couple tries to conceive a baby, it can take awhile for the miracle to happen. The experts recommend trying to conceive for six months to one year before you think about trying costly medical treatments for infertility problems. Before you do that, there are innate ways you can try that will increase your chances of conceiving a baby. Try these homemade remedies that will help you get pregnant naturally!

Natural Help for Sexual Dryness
If you and your partner are using store-bought lubricants or petroleum jelly to make up for the lack of natural fluids when you have sex, you may be defeating your chances of getting pregnant. Research has shown that lubricants on the market can affect the mobility of the sperm. These lubricants can even act as spermicides.

Instead, try some natural help for sexual dryness that can help you get pregnant naturally. Use egg white to help reduce friction during sex. Egg white is not only slippery, but it’s 100% natural protein that will not harm sperm, which is also a protein.

Women Who Are Trying to Get Pregnant- Don’t Douche!
I wrote an article for Associated Content titled “The Dangerous Facts About Douching You Need to Know”. In this article I discuss how douching after sex is not a sure-fire way to avoid pregnancy. However, on the flip side, when a woman douches, it lowers her chances of becoming pregnant by approximately 30%, according to the American Journal of Public Health. So if you’re trying to get pregnant, don’t douche and improve your chances!

Help the Sperm Reach Its Target
Another homemade remedy that will help you get pregnant naturally is to help the sperm reach its target. To do this, the woman needs to raise her legs up in the air for twenty minutes after having sexual intercourse. If you watch TV reruns of “Roseanne”, this simple practice worked for her when she was trying to get pregnant with her fourth child.

Seriously, though, raising your legs in the air will help keep the semen inside the vagina longer and improve the chances of pregnancy.

Relax! And Don’t Try So Hard!
Life is stressful enough without adding the strain that you can’t get pregnant naturally. Stress negatively affects our bodies in many ways. And when it comes to conceiving a baby, worry can interfere with the process. Stress can reduce your natural sex drive. It can also interrupt menstrual cycles and interfere with the bodies’ manufacturing of sperm and eggs.

Rather than making conceiving a baby a job or a task you and your partner need to do, relax! Remember to keep the “love” in “lovemaking” and let nature do its thing!

Here’s a true story to consider: Frustration and anxiety were at their highest when a friend and his wife had tried for a year to get pregnant. Finally, the wife decided they were trying too hard. So, she arranged for her and her husband to go on weekly dates. They went out to dinner, went to the theater, took long, romantic walks in the moonlight, and basically relaxed when they were together. The results? She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy less than a year later!

Men- Increase Your Zinc Intake
Ever since Casanova dined on fifty oysters for breakfast every morning to get his sex drive “in gear”, oysters have been credited as being powerful aphrodisiacs. The question of whether-or-not the oysters truly did make Casanova a great lover remained unanswered until a group of American and Italian researched the subject. They determined that oysters do in fact contain amino acids that enhance men’s sexual hormones.

Besides that, oysters contain high amounts of zinc. Men need a sufficient amount of zinc so their bodies can produce plenty of healthy sperm. So, another homemade remedy that will help you get pregnant naturally is to make sure your male partner eats lots of foods that are high in zinc content. If oysters don’t tickle his palate, he can also eat chicken, turkey, salmon, brown rice, spinach, whole wheat products, oatmeal, lobster and clams.