Get Rid of Roaches

What is a Roach?

Cockroaches are thought of as one of the most dreaded of household pests. They’ve been around for thousands of years and they don’t seem to be going away anytime

soon. There are four species of cockroach officially considered ‘pests’ with the most recognized species being the American cockroach – measuring 30 millimeters long [1].

Preferring the warm environment found inside homes, the pest species of cockroach can easily adapt to their surroundings as they search for food and water. They will feed on pet and human edibles. Possessing the ability to live one month without water, and up to three months without food, the cockroach is a pretty resilient creature.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Roaches


If action is not taken to control the presence of roaches, their numbers will steadily increase. Many people call an exterminator or resort to using harmful chemicals to rid their home of roaches. However, at the first sign of the pest, home remedies for roaches can help drastically reduce numbers, as well as avoid toxic methods of roach control. A few suggestions include:

a) Petroleum Jelly Trap:

Apply petroleum jelly around the inner rim of a jar. Insert a couple of apple, potato or banana peelings into the jar. Leave out overnight where you’ve spotted roach activity. The pests should climb into the jar, but will be unable to escape because of the petroleum. Discard the contents in a bucket of soapy water, and then flush down the toilet.

b) Baking Soda and Confectioner’s Sugar:

Many believe that a mixture consisting of equal parts baking soda and powdered sugar applied to problem areas will control roaches. Supposedly, the sugar attracts the pests while the baking soda mixes with their stomach acids to cause internal destruction. Sprinkle this remedy inside of cabinets and inside the holes that roaches tend to gather around.

c) Coffee Grounds:

Fill a jar halfway with water and coffee grounds. This trap uses the scent of coffee, which is pleasant to the roach, to lure and trap roaches in the jar. As the pests climb into the jar, they should fall inside and drown.

d) Bleach:

Pour bleach down the drains of sinks and tubs to dissuade roaches from using drain pipes as a way to travel throughout your home.

e) Lemons [2]:

Effective against roaches, add the juice of four lemons (with the rinds) and ½ gallon (two liters) of water to a bucket. Using a sponge or mop, wash your floors with it. Apparently, the little pests cannot stand the smell.

f) Garlic Onion Pepper Mix:

Add one clove of garlic, one onion, and one tablespoon of cayenne pepper to one quart of water. Allow the ingredients to marinade for one hour. Add one tablespoon of liquid soap to the mixture and spray in the places that roaches frequent about your home.

g) Run a Clean Ship:

Roaches prefer to dwell in dark, dank places, especially when areas are filled with clutter. Keep your living spaces clean. Cover your garbage cans at all times and store your food in sealed containers and bags.

h) Caulk Water Pipes:

Roaches often congregate in kitchens and bathrooms, using the holes associated with water pipes as a means of travel. Caulking around all water pipes can help eliminate their routes into your living spaces.

i) Bleach Pinesol Mix:

Pour a mixture consisting of two cups of bleach, two cups of Pinesol, and one cup of hot boiling water to the areas that roaches frequent in your home. Wait around 10 minutes to clean up. It’s suggested to open windows when using this home remedy for roaches because the scent is very strong.

j) Vacuum:

Once you’ve used home remedies to get rid of roaches in your house, frequently vacuum around baseboards, kitchen drawers, and cabinets to eradicate the waste products and dead bodies of roaches. People with asthma and other respiratory problems can become affected by leftover roach waste.

k) Cheap Wine:

Filling a large bowl with inexpensive wine and then placing it under the sink (or wherever you have spotted the pests), is another way to get rid of roaches. The pests will actually consume the alcoholic beverage, get intoxicated, and then drown [3].

l) Bay Leaves:

Create roach-repellant sachets by adding bay leaves to the inside of a pair of pantyhose and placing in dresser drawers, closets, and cupboards.

m) Cucumber Slices and Bay Leaves:

Mix together chopped up cucumber slices and bay leaves to create a home remedy for roaches that you can spread around the areas that you see the pests. This solution is believed to deter them from returning.

n) Cornstarch and Plaster of Paris:

If you’d like to refrain from using chemical-based solutions to kill roaches in your home, consider making your own natural pesticide. Add equal parts of cornstarch and plaster of Paris together to make a powdery substance that when sprinkled into the cracks where roaches appear, can help get rid of the pests.

o) Catnip:

Fifi might get upset with you, but you can try submerging catnip leaves in hot water to create a tea. Strain the leaves before transferring the liquid to a spray bottle. Spritz your kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms with the solution to keep away roaches. Don’t forget to reapply the solution after you vacuum or mop these spaces.

p) Borax:

Don’t ignore the tops of cabinets as a potential hiding place for cockroaches. Sprinkle Borax atop the cabinets, which is high out of reach for children and pets. Roaches that have become poisoned by the Borax will take it back to their nest, and contaminate the rest [4].

q) Borax, Sugar, Onion & Cornstarch:

Rethink the use of this roach eradicator if you have small children or pets in the home, but this poisonous remedy is one that is typically used as a last resort. Combine two cups of Borax, ½ cup sugar, ½ cup chopped onion, two tablespoons cornstarch, and two tablespoons of water [3]. Add all the ingredients to a bowl, and then roll into small balls. Place three balls into an unsealed Ziploc bag, and then situate wherever roaches have been known to roam in your residence.

r) WD-40:

When you’re out of bug spray to get rid of roaches, opt for a can of WD-40 as a quick fix. This do-it-all solution is known as an effective bug killer [5].

s) Soapy Water:

When you are low on home remedy ingredients to get rid of roaches, consider filling a spray bottle with extra soapy water and drenching the pests. The water has a drowning effect, and the soap makes it hard for them to scurry away.

t) Dryer Sheets:

There have been studies conducted that show certain brands of dryer sheets can be used to repel insects and pests, such as cockroaches in the home. If a fabric softener sheet contains linalool (the same natural, pleasant-smelling substance found in lavender), then it can mean toxic consequences for pests that come in contact with it. Once they crawl over the dryer sheet, the linalool causes the pest to become lethargic and eventually die.

u) The Light Trick:

If you want to get rid of roaches at the source, you must first locate their nest, and one of the best resources to take advantage of is light. Cockroaches are most active at night when they can conceal their activities under the cover of darkness. Turn an overhead light in a darkened room, and you’ll see the pests scurry back to their nests. Observe the path they take, and this should help you pinpoint their nest.

v) Hedge Apple:

It is said that hedge apples are a natural deterrent for roaches, where one apple per room can act as a repellent for up to two month.

w) Listerine:

Some say that Listerine can be used as a roach deterrent. You can create a solution comprised of 1 part Listerine and 1 part water with an added drop or two of dishwashing liquid. Transfer the remedy into a spray bottle, and use the ‘steady stream’ setting on the nozzle to apply the liquid. Start blasting the roaches with the spray, and you should see a change in roach activity in your home.