Hair loss – 10 super foods to prevent

10 super foods to prevent hair loss

When you are suffering from hair loss, The first thing is you should focus on the food what you eat. Many people often goes for various hair care products but it doesn’t get results well. What really matters is what you eat. The best way to prevent hair loss and to improve the hair growth is to keep a close eye on what you are eating.Here we list a super foods that promotes good hair growth and prevents hair loss.
Sunflower seeds: Sunflower seed are the rich sources of copper,zinc,magnesium,calcium,iron,biotin,protein,omega-6 fatty acids. These supplements helps to prevent the hair loss. A handful of raw sunflower seeds were enough for healthy hair growth. But don’t eat in excess because too much consumption of sunflower seeds can even lead to hair loss.Nuts: Nuts are very important to promote hair growth as well as to prevent hair loss. Nuts like peanuts,almonds,cashew nuts, walnuts contains wide variety of protein,vitamins,minerals,iron,zinc,healthy fats which helps to prevent the hair loss. So make sure to take nuts in your diet.

Eggs: For a healthy hair growth, Protein is a primary constituent. As we know Egg is a good source of protein. Eggs also having biotin and B vitamins which helps in controlling hair loss. So try to eat atleast 1 egg/day.

Spinach: It is a good source of vitamins like B,C and E,calcium,omega-3 fatty acids,iron and it is enriched with a good amount of nutrients and antioxidants,which helps to promote hair growth.

Carrots: Many people known that carrots are good for eye sight but it also good for hair growth. Beta-carotene is the important nutrient that carrots have which promotes healthy hair growth.

Sweet Potatoes : Regular consumption of sweet potatoes is the easiest way to prevent hair loss problem. It is power packed with beta-carotene, by which our converts it into vitamin A. As we know vitamin A promotes the growth of healthy cells and tissues.

Beans : Beans are enriched with vitamins B and C, Zinc which promotes hair growth and most importantly it is a great source of low calorie protein and fiber.We have different types of beans like navy beans,pinto beans,soya beans,kidney beans,black beans.

Salmon : It is a kind of fatty fish enriched with omega-3 fatty acids which helps to promote hair growth. It also contains good amount of protein along with vitamin B12. All these supplements helps to promote proper hair growth and it solves the problems like excessive hair loss and dry hair. Make sure to take salmon fish in your diet atleast twice a week and yield best results.

Beef: It contains good amount of protein,B vitamins,zinc and iron. It promotes to produce quality hair. For a better results you should consume beef twice or thrice a week.

Oat: Oats contains good amount of micronutrients as well as good amount of B vitamins,copper,zinc,protein

,potassium. Which helps to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.