Head Lice

Head Lice:
• Lice are small insects which breed on the head of the affected person
• They draw blood from the scalp

Symptoms to look for:
• Itching and irritation in the scalp due to presence of lice

• Lice spreads from one infected person to another through:
o Physical contact
o Sharing combs, caps, pillows, etc.
• People living in unclean and crowded places are more prone to lice

Natural home remedy using almonds and lemon juice:
1. Peel and crush 10 almonds
2. Add 4 tbsp lemon juice
3. Mix well to make paste
4. Apply this paste on the scalp
5. Leave it for 30 min
6. Wash off thoroughly with normal water

Natural home remedy using onions:
1. Crush 5-7 onions
2. Press the paste on a sieve
3. Extract juice
4. Massage this juice on the scalp
5. Allow it to stay for 1 hr
6. Wash it off thoroughly with normal water

• Continue the treatment you are following for at least a week for lasting relief
• Wash clothing, linen and other shared objects thoroughly with detergents since there is a risk of
infestation through transmission