Headache Due To Sun Exposure

Headache Due To Sun Exposure:

Causes, Symptoms And Natural


Headache in sun is a disease which affects people, who expose themselves to the sunlight for a prolonged period of time. In most cases, it is found that people who suffer from sinus problems tend to develop severe headache. Some people also get migraine headache after being exposed to sun for a considerable period of time.

Though these types of headache are more common in the summer months, it can also affect people prone to headaches during other months of the year as well. People who are sun sensitive are recommended to cover their head while going out in sun.


Symptoms Of Headache Due To Sunlight

People who are unaware of being sensitive to sun tend to get headache in sun. Understanding the problems and learning the symptoms of headache in sun can help in preventing the recurrence of the condition. Apart from severe headache, people may also experience problem in looking out in the sun as the light irritates their eyes.

Some people also experience pain in their shoulder along with headache. In case of severe affliction the headache may be accompanied with vomiting. Symptoms of dehydration are also common among such patients. Though rare, few people may also get fever along with chills as a symptom of headache in sun.

Causes Of Headache From The Sun

In most cases, people who are sensitive to sunlight often get headache in sun. Apart from that, going out in the sun with wet hairs can also lead to headache. This type of headache in sun is more common in women than in men. Some people get headache in sun because of heredity reasons.

Migraine or sinus problems can also lead to headache in some people especially when they are exposed to sun for a prolong period of time.


People who go out in the sun with fever can also get headache in sun. In most cases, the causes are minor and can be healed with little change in daily habits.

Natural Cure For Headache Due To Sun Exposure

Medicines are seldom required for the treatment of headache in sun. Someone who cannot bear the heat of the sun should try staying indoors during the daytime. If going out becomes unavoidable, taking proper shields is necessary. Take an umbrella or use a hat with wide-breams for protecting the direct sunlight to touch your head.

Apart from that, using sunglasses to cover the eyes can also help to some great extent. Dehydration can also lead to these types of headache. So drinking enough water throughout the day can help beat the heat easily.

Wear light cotton clothes while going out in sun and try to get into a cool shade as soon as the symptoms are noticed. Apply water on face and neck to get a soothing effect. This will also help in checking the severity of the condition.

Refrain from taking hot shower in the summer months to prevent this type of condition. People who are allergic to citric fruits should stay away from lemonade or iced tea during the daytime as these may trigger headache.