Health tips 10

Tips to Get a Trouble free sleep1.If you want to wake up with fresh body then fix your time of sleeping. And sleep at the same time everyday, it can strengthen your body. You will feel fresh and better by doing that.
2. Have your dinner two hours before sleeping. Do not eat and drink too much before sleeping.
3. Avoid Nicotine, caffeine, and alcoholic drink in the night because the foods can stimulate you to still wake up in the night.
4. To sleep fast and tight exercise your body regularly because it can help you to get a better sleep.
5. Sleep earlier. It is said that if you go to the bed early and wake up early your mind and body will be fit and fresh.
6. Choose your bed and pillow according to your comfort. Your bed should be cool, dark, quiet, and cozy. For different people the bed choice is different. Make sure that your bed is most comfortable for you.
7. You can do some certain activity before sleeping to help your sleeping. The activity like: breathing exercise, bathing in warm water, reading book, listening to music, or another activity of your choice.
9. Sleep only when you feel tired. But if you cannot sleep about 15-20 minutes, wake up and do something you like. And go back to your bed if you feel tired.
10. Do not think about your problems and worries before your sleep. Because it will disturb your sleeping. Keep your self-relaxed before going to sleep to have a peaceful sleep.