Health tips 12

Home remedies of AnxietyIf you are suffering from Anxiety here are some simple home remedies tips for that:
1. Make a list of things, which you are feared, from first.
2. Try to behave opposite in that situation of fear.
3. Keep a note of things, which keep you calm.
4. Meditation is the best option for the anxiety.
5. Do exercise on a regular basis. It will help you to maintain your blood pressure normal.
6. Take the help of flower remedy. It can cure a crisis or panic attack.
7. Lavender essences oil is useful for more calming and soothing effects.
8. Hold a pet and spent your free time with it. Holding a pet can also help.
9. Keep in touch with your friends and family. Self help support and sharing problems with your friends or family members will help to cure anxiety.
10. To keep yourself away from anxiety common understanding and adjustment with you life partner is also important.