Health tips 13

Easy Ways To Come Out From Depression:1. Start your day by listening religious audio CD that permeates peace.
2. Always think positive. Say nice things to yourself.
3. Keep yourself away from cigarettes, alcohol or substance abuse.
4. Always pay attention to your feelings of sadness, anxiety and irritability.
5. Enjoy your free time. Join a laughter club or invest in a CD of a comedy TV series.
6. If you are suffering with headache have a solution for that first: a warm oil massage can do wonders it that.
7. Have a comfortable bed for comfortable sleep. Sleep early, so you get enough sleep.
8. Have a cup of warm milk before going to bed. 9. Try some body massage, a pedicure, a manicure, a bath salt soak or a new outfit.
10. Have a balanced diet; avoid aerated drinks and junk foods.
11. Always try to be in touch with friends.
12. Exercise helps fight depression. So keep yourself busy in different exercise.
13. Another way to make you happy is dance. Join a dance class.