Health tips 15

How to Improve Your Eye SightsEyesight is the one of the fundamental functions of our body so it is most important to improve it especially for those people who have vision problem. To maintain our vision eye car is required. Most doctors recommend that eye-care can keep our eyes healthy. Many people still do not realize that stressful work environment and spending too much time in front of a computer can produce vision problems. To keep our eyes fit and clear there are several natural ways. Some of them are:

1. Eat healthy food. Healthy food for eyes means natural food, which contains a lot vitamin A. This natural food includes spinach, turnip, carrots and tomatoes.
2. Use potatoes and cucumbers to maintain our eyesight. When you get home and feel exhausted, you can put some rounded pieces of a raw cucumber or potato on closed eyes for 10 minutes. This will make your eyes fresher.
3. Never let your eyes dry. Try to avoid your eyes and their surrounding from being too dry. Always use natural eye-care cream around your eyes gently.
4. Drink more. Water releases toxin materials from our body including our eyes. You should drink water more often as this will keep your eyes healthy.
5. If you are not sure your eye-health you should see your doctor.