Health tips 16

 Simple Tips to massageIt is tough to beat a full body massage though back rubs and shoulder massages are enjoyable, but for complete relaxation, you need full body massage. Main purpose of this kind of massage is to relax muscle pain and bring rest to the mind and body.For that one do not need to be a trained expert to give a full body massage to someone.

Here are some easy tips, which will make your body massage a marvelous experience:
1. Before giving your massage, prepare the room or area you will be working in.
2. You want the recipient to leave feeling relaxed, so work on creating a serene environment.
3. Keep the noise level down.
4. Turn off cell and house phones, televisions and noisy equipment.
5. You may want to play an instrumental CD or maybe a track of ocean sounds.
6. Check your lighting too. Turn off white fluorescent lights and more controlled lighting like lamps instead. Aromatic candles in therapeutic scents like vanilla can help set a calm mood.
7. Test the surface of your massage area before your guest arrives. You want it to be comfortable and easy to work around. Cover the area with fresh linens.
8. Have your towels and oils in a handy basket, ready for the massage.
9. During the massage you might be tempted to talk. If you are not a professional, you might be a little nervous.
10. You should ask occasionally about pressure pain. It is not a good massage if you hurt someone.
11. Start at the scalp area and work your way down the body.
12. Alternate between the kneading and raking techniques. Kneading is similar to the action you use to knead bread dough.
13. Raking is spreading your fingers wide and raking your fingertips over the surface of the skin. When giving your massage, do not push on the spine. Work around the spine instead.
14. When the massage is finished, let your guest or loved one remain still and enjoy some quiet, relaxing moments.
15. You might use a fresh hand towel to blot any excess oil from the skin.
16. Use a light touch and do not disturb your guest too much. Keep in mind that a full body massage can cause a persons muscles to contract.
17. Give your guests plenty of fresh water to stave off any leg cramps or body cramps that might occur after the massage is through.
18. If possible, rest or take a walk after a massage to allow some time to adjust to your new-relaxed state. I find this helps me get the most out of a massage.
19. Different types of oils can really affect a massage. If you have sensitivities to smells, be sure to ask for unscented oils or oils that agree with you.
20. Some oils have herbs like lavender. Others are said to have healing properties such as Emu oil. Depending on what works on you, you may request specific types of oils or bring your own.
21. If the massage is too light or too hard, ask to have the pressure changed. Some massages are only light but asking is appropriate. If you are uncomfortable say something.
22. Tell the practitioner where you hurt. This way the massage can focus on where you need it most.
23. Spending time during the massage being grateful can help one make huge changes.
24. Often breathing deeply can help you get the most out of a massage. Breathe into every cell of your body.
25. Combining either aromatherapy or flower essences can enable even more change if so desired.
26. Drink lots of water. This helps the body release toxins that you were able to release during the massage.
27. Plan to take the first 20 minutes after a massage lightly. For example, go on a short walk or sit quietly. This allows the massage to settle into the body.