Health tips 20

How to Keep Your Mind Body and Sprit FitIt is said that health is wealth & you can achieve anything if you are physically fit. It is totally true since only health people have hope and everything that they want.
Because of that fact above you need to stay healthy and if it is possible you should improve it. Due to today’s fast lifestyle people became careless about their health. Thats why the average life decreased significantly.
So it is better to start taking care of it before the time passed away. For that you don’t have to change too much in your daily lifestyle. Here are some simple tips to keep you fit and healthy:

1.Low Fat:
Keep your weight under control because fat always became the most dangerous factors caused people death. A number of diseases for example cholesterol, heart attack and high blood pressure are caused due to imbalance fat composition cause. Avoid those foods that contain heavy fat like dairy product, ex milk and cheese. Besides those avoid some fatty food, junk food and fries food and some potential food such as margarine, butter, nuts etc.

2.Daily Exercise:
Take some time from your busy schedule for exercise. It will help you to keep fit and fine. If you are too busy then try some simple exercises that can match with your taste and lifestyle. As the development of sports technology offers a lot of sports tools that suit with modern life style, from which you can organize some simple exercise while you are doing your business or after the office hour.

3.Avoid Smoking and Alcohol:
Drinking and smoking is a common lifestyle now a day. But it should be understood that you would get only heart attack or verdict disease with that. By doing that you not only decreases your health but also waist your money too. So it’s better to stay away from smoking and drinking.

4.Be Positive:
Keep your attitude positive towards life because a positive mental or thinking plays a very important role in keep you healthy. Your mental thoughts are strongly related with your health. So simply keep smiling because one smile can give you a lot of happiness and gives you a longer life.

5.Avoide Pollution:
Pollution is another very strong and unsolved problem today, which is not good for your health. Though you cannot run away from it but you can avoid it. Try to take a walk in the morning and avoid a high traffic and fumes areas when the air quality is low.

All these simple tips will help you to keep you mind body and spirit fit and healthy.