Health tips 6

Tips to Prevent Sickness:

It is said that prevention is better than cure so it’s better to follow some simple tips to make your health better. It is also a fact that these natural self-healing practices go back thousands of years, as well as being practiced among the indigenous people of the Earth. Here are some tips that can help you to prevent sickness and keep you healthy:

1.Washing hands- This one is common sense, yet during the “sickness” season it is very important to wash away germs from our hands. We pick up germs from various places we touch with our hands; therefore stay clean and you’ll be helping prevent sickness.

2. Vitamins- Take a diet rich in multi vitamin to boost the ability of your immune system. Vitamin C is known a good vitamin to have during sickness before and after as well. Vitamins are found in vegetables and fruits so increase their quantity in your diet.

3. Proper Rest & Exercise- To keep your self fit takes proper rest. Most “Experts” recommend a minimum of eight hours rest each night. Proper rest gives the body time to heal and rejuvenate. It allows our brain to sort out the various messages received during the day. In juxtaposition to the benefits of sleep, the deprivation of sleep can weaken our body’s various systems overall ability to ward of sickness. Exercise also aids in the body’s ability to fight susceptibility to sickness. You do not have to join some elaborate gym to exercise. The point is to keep your body active by whatever means work for you a few times a week.

4. Fasting- It’s a fact that fasting is the cure for 90 percent of our ills, known by the medical scientists. It is also said “Fasting is a greater cure of our ills, both mental and physical, than all of the drugs of the earth combined into one bottle or a billion bottles”. Fasting will aid in your body’s ability to fight sickness by reducing disease-producing toxins. But before start fasting take a look on your body’s capacity. If you are not able to complete a regular fast, try a juice fast while drinking pure water. Fast once a month for three days, four days, or for whatever length of time you are able to go without food without harming yourself, and you will feel good.