Health tips 7

Causes of snoringThere are a number of reasons behind snoring but the main two reasons are:
1.Lifestyle reasons and
2.Physical reasons.

1.Lifestyle factors

1. A blocked nose, caused by congestion, catarrh, nasal polyps or damage to the nose.
2. Being in the menopause is linked with snoring.
3. Being elderly – muscle tone reduces as you get older, which raises the risk of snoring.
4. A receding lower law, which causes an overbite.
5. Having a large uvula or enlarged tonsils.
6. Being male.
7. Having low levels of thyroid hormone.

2.Physical factors.

1. If you suffer from allergies you are likely to have a blocked, itchy and runny nose. The lining of the nose and throat may also be swollen. This may interfere with sleep and make snoring more likely.
2. Alcohol causes your muscles to relax more than usual during a normal night’s sleep so you are more likely to snore. It also irritates the nasal lining, which can make breathing more difficult.
3. Sedatives, like alcohol, make your body’s muscles relax more than usual, causing you to snore. If you’re worried about how a sedative is affecting your sleep, talk to your GP about it. There may be a non-sedative alternative. Don’t stop taking prescribed medicines without talking to your doctor.
4. Smoking cigarettes causes swelling, inflammation and irritation to your nostrils and throat, making snoring more likely. Even passive smoking can make snoring worse.
5. If you’re overweight you’re more likely to snore. This is thought to be due to the excess fat around your neck. This makes your airways more likely to collapse.