Health tips 9

Signs, symptoms and care for childrenIts easy to find out if there is problem in adults but its very hard to find out any ear related problem in childrens. Here are some sign and symptoms that can be useful for you to find out any kind of ear problem in your child:
1. Ear trouble can be if infant is crying unexplained. Take a look if you are feeling such kind of problem in your child.
2. As it is known that well that our ear, nose and throat are connected, diseases in nose, sinuses, throat and teeth often affect hearing. If the child suffers from any of these, check to see if it has impacted the child’s hearing.
3. If the child is suffering from pain in the ear, it could be resulting from problems in adjacent structures with same nerve supply like teeth or tongue. So check that first to solve the problem.
4. Keep on a periodic checks of your childrens ears because poor grades in school could be due to defective hearing.
5. Keep children away from loud noise and if it is not possible protect their ears by covering them. Constant or regular exposure to high intensity noises can be harmful for the childrens’ ears.
6. A foul smelling discharge from the ear requires immediate professional attention. It may lead to conductive deafness and needs surgery.
7. Hot oils harm the earsand may causes affecting hearing. So remain refrain from ‘oiling’ children’s ears.