Healthy Fruits for Diabetics

Healthy Fruits for Diabetics
Diet plan is very important for diabetic patients. They should keep a close eye on their diet chart. What you are eating is important.There is a common myth that eating fruits leads to increase in the sugar levels for diabetic patients but the fact is not all the fruits are bad for diabetic patients,there are few healthy fruits that can be really good for diabetic patients such as strawberries,blueberries,apples,pears,raspberries.These fruits provide essential nutrients to our body and also controls the diabetes because these fruits are low in sugar and rich in proteins and vitamins.It will be good if you consume in moderate amounts.
Apples : Apples contains ‘pectin’ which helps to reduce sugar levels.Pears : Pears also contains ‘pectin’ if we consume in moderate amounts it can also controls high blood sugar levels.

Apricots : Apricots are rich in potassium that will be good for diabetic patients. It will be good to consume dried apricots than the fresh ones.

Berries: All types of Berries helps to lower the glycemic index of diabetics.

Kiwi : According to research, consuming kiwi fruit shown a positive correlation which helps to lower the blood sugar level

Cherries : Cherries are rich in fiber which helps to lower the blood sugar levels.

Plums : Plums enriched with fiber that makes an ideal fruit for diabetic and heart patients.Plums are low in calorie as well as low in Glycemic Index

Oranges : Oranges are a rich source of vitamin C and fiber.It lowers Glycemic index and an ideal fruit for diabetics.

Avocado : Avocado contains healthy fats and potassium,this makes it an ideal fruit for diabetics. Avocado lowers the bad cholesterol levels in the body and also lowers triglyceride

Nectarines : Nectarines is a another fruit from citrus family which is an healthy fruit for diabetics. It reduces the chance of getting type-2 diabetes as it was low in Glycemic index.