Heel pain

Mustard Seeds Mustard seeds can also be used in the treatment of foot pain. It helps to remove the toxic water from the body, improves blood circulation and removes inflammation, thus giving relief from foot pain. Take some mustard seeds and grind them and then add it to half bucket of warm water. Now soak your feet in this water for ten to fifteen minutes and finally pat dry your feet. This remedy will control the swelling and pain.


Asparagus Asparagus can also be used to reduce foot pain as it can remove excess fluid out of your system. Take some asparagus and steam it for a few minutes. Now eat these asparagus which will act as a natural diuretic. It means it will flush out the excess fluid from your system and the inflammation will automatically get reduced. This remedy is a good option when the foot pain is associated with some kind of inflammation.


Hot and Cold Water Hot and cold water therapy can also be used to treat foot pain. While the hot treatment will promote blood flow, cold treatment will reduce the inflammation. When suffering from foot pain, apply a heat pad and an ice pack alternately for ten minutes to reduce foot pain. Another option is fill one bucket with cold water and another one with bearable hot water. Now sit in a comfortable chair, and dip your feet in hot water for two minutes and then do the same with cold water for ten minutes. Repeat the whole process two to three times again.


Vinegar Vinegar is used in various treatments including foot pain. In order to get relief from foot pain caused due to some kind of sprains or strains, you need to use vinegar wraps both hot and cold. For this remedy take equal amounts of vinegar and water in two vessels. In one vessel use cold water and in the other use hot water. Now soak a towel in the hot water and vinegar mixture, squeeze out the excess moisture and then wrap it around your foot. Leave it wrapped for five minutes. Next repeat