Home Remedies For Hematuria

A condition in which blood is observed in the urine is known as hematuria. There are certain factors which can cause hematuria such as:

1. Cancer of kidney, bladder or prostate
2. Hypercalciuria
3. Sickle cell anemia
4. Certain medications
5. Enlargement of the prostate gland
6. Heavy exercises
7. Glomerulonephritis
8. Infection and injury in the kidneys

Some of the common symptoms of hematuria are blood in urine, fever, abdominal pain, constant urge to urinate, restlessness, cloudy urine, loss in appetite, dysuria, nausea and vomiting.

Hematuria Home Remedies

There are several home remedies for hematuria which are simple and are quite safe to use with no risk of side effects. Some of the popular home remedies for hematuria which are being used since a very long time and have proved to be quite effective in many cases are:

1. One of the most effective home remedies for hematuria is to drink cranberry juice. It is known to have antibiotic properties and prevents sticking of bacteria to the walls of the bladder. Drink this juice on daily basis for better results.

2. Take some spinach juice and mix it with coconut water. Now drink this mixture. This mixture will treat the infections in bladder by working as a diuretic. Make it a daily habit to drink this juice.

3. Bitter gourd is considered to be one of the most efficient home remedies for hematuria. All you need to do is consume bitter gourd on daily basis. Or you can even try drinking its juice which is equally beneficial.

4. Baking soda is also very helpful in treating hematuria. All you have to do is take eight ounce of water and then add half tablespoon of baking soda in it. Mix well and drink this mixture. This home remedy will fight fungal infections and urinary tract infection. Remember to drink it on regular basis.

5. Boil a cup of water and then add one teaspoon of lemon juice in it. Allow this mixture to cool down a little bit and then drink it throughout the day at fixed intervals of two hours.

6. Consuming moderate amount of meat soup on daily basis can also be very effective in treating hematuria. Do not add any spices or oil in it.

7. Pomegranate juice is also very beneficial in curing hematuria. Make it a daily habit to drink this pomegranate juice to get good results.

8. Consume food rich in vitamin C as it will boost the immune system of the body and will increase the acidity of the urine. This will prevent the bacteria to cause further infection.

9. Take one glass of fresh coconut water and then add two teaspoons of fresh drumstick flower juice in it. Mix them well and drink this mixture two times in a day. This natural home remedy will help in getting rid of infections.

10. Take a pumpkin and mash it into a paste. Now mix it with sugar cane juice and drink immediately. This will quickly heal hematuria.

These were some of the most effective and popular home remedies for hematuria which are simple, cost-effective and safe to use.