Hemifacial Spasm

Herbal treatment for Hemifacial spasm
Hemifacial Spasm is a neurological malfunctioning and the muscles of one side of the face tend to contract. Needless, to say the face gets contorted as an aftermath of this. This disease can affect both the genders without biasness; however, it usually inflicts people above the age of 44. This disease is also known as HFS and if a result of a blood vessel pressing against a nerve. This ailment has cure in other forms of medications; however, herbal treatment is the best to cure for Hemifacial Spasm.

Pinellia and Coix See are a very good herbal treatment for HFS. You would need to decoct Coix See (Yi Yi Ren) 15g and Pinellia (raw Ban Xia) 35 g. This decoction should be taken twice daily. The fist dosage should be taken after breakfast and the second dosage after dinner. The symptoms of HFS would be resolved in two months. This ailment could also be the result of some facial injury; which was not attended to properly or it could happen of its own accord. Medical science is still skeptical about the whole issue. Nevertheless, the herbal treatment given has helped a score of people around