• Most hiccups are not serious and do not need any medical attention
• But in some cases, they could be a symptom of threatening conditions like:
   o Pneumonia
   o High toxin levels in the body due to kidney failure
• Consuming alcoholic or aerated beverages
• Eating spicy food
• Eating too fast
• Stress
Natural home remedy using cardamom powder:
1. Take 1 glass boiling water
2. Add 1 tsp cardamom powder
3. Mix well
4. Allow the mixture to rest for 15 min
5. Strain the mixture
6. Drink the liquid when lukewarm
Natural home remedy using mustard seeds and clarified butter:
1. Take ½ tsp mustard seeds
2. Add ½ tsp clarified butter
3. Mix well
4. Swallow the mixture for quick relief
Natural home remedy using sugar:
1. Suck 1 tsp of sugar slowly