High Blood Pressure

  • Consuming water melon habitually controls blood pressure.
  • Lychee fruit is outstanding for blood pressure patients.
  • Taking 25 grams of mulberry juice twice daily strengthens heart against blood pressure stroke.
  • carrot jelly/pickle help in taming blood pressure.
  • Take equal quantity of Indian snakeroot plant, Indian gooseberry ,gulucha tinospora, arjuna tree bark, spreading hogweed and aashkand grind them into powder, have the powder mixture twice daily with water.
  • Beat Indian snakeroot plant and have 2 grams twice daily to keep a check on blood pressure.
  • Having stale wheat chapatti early morning with milk cures blood pressure.
  • Having powder mixture of one gram Indian snakeroot,2 grams rock sugar, one gram coriander seeds with water holds high blood pressure.
  • Taking one teaspoon paste of cinnamon early morning overcomes high blood pressure.