High Creatinine Level

Remedy for Patients with High Creatinine





What is the remedy for patients with high creatinine level? High creatinine level is a typical clinical manifestation of kidney disease, so almost all the kidney disease patients have elevated creatinine level. Keeping serum creatinine level in a stable range is very beneficial and important for kidney disease patients, so they are all interested in the remedy that can bring their creatinine level in blood under control. Well then, what are the remedies for patients with high creatinine level on earth?


Why kidney disease patients need to control their creatinine level?


To know well about the remedies that can help to lower creatinine level, it is necessary for us to firstly understand the bad effects of high creatinine level.


In our daily life, many conditions can cause elevation of serum creatinine level such as overuse of some drugs, improper diet and some illnesses and so on. Creatinine is a nitrogenous organic acid that is normally discharged by kidneys. For people with kidney disease, their serum creatinine level increases as kidneys fail to function properly. Under such a condition, not only creatinine, but also many other toxic substances will build up in the body. Therefore, in cases of kidney disease, high creatinine level always indicates serious kidney damages and buildup of lots of toxins in the blood. Without an effective management, creatinine and other wastes will cause damages on internal organs and thus cause further illness problems. This is the reason why kidney disease patients need to lower high creatinine level in blood.


What are the remedies for patients with high creatinine level?


In medicine, remedy for patients with high creatinine level caused by kidney disease includes:


1. Drinking much more water. This will help to flush out creatinine from the kidney and thus to achieve the goal of lowering high creatinine level.


2. Limitation of meat and physical activities. Creatinine is the end product of meat, including meat we eat and muscles. Eating too much meat at one time or doing drastic physical activities both can cause elevation of creatinine level in blood. Therefore, eating less meat and doing less drastic physical activities are helpful.


3. Stop eating creatine supplement or reduce the dose of it. Creatine supplement is proven to be able to increase creatinine level, so stop taking it or reduce the dose of it under the direction of doctors.


4. Some herbs like ginseng can be applied to lower creatinine level.

5. Restore of kidney function. For patients with kidney disease, creatinine level in blood increases as kidneys are injured and have difficulty in excreting excess creatinine. Seeing from this point of view, only when kidney function is restored, can creatinine level be lowered radically

Herbs to protect residual kidney function

Creatinine level in blood becomes higher and higher with the decrease of kidney function. Seeing from this point of view, protecting residual kidney function from being affected is essential. In medicine, many herbs have been proven to do good for kidney disease patients like milk thistle, astragalus and licorice root. Besides, although these herbs are helpful, please not use them causally, as improper taking will cause serious side effects, which is not helpful for lowering high creatinine level in blood.

Home Remedy For High Creatinine Level

High creatinine level usually mean there are extra creatinine building up in your blood, which may be a sign of kidney damage. Is there any home remedy to lower high creatinine level? Luckily, the answer is yes!

Nettle leaf tea

Drinking 1 to 2 cups of nettle leaf tea is a good choice to lower high creatinine level. It is a simple yet powerful kidney tonic that can improve renal function and reduce creatinine levels. However, nettle leaf tea is not suitable for all patients with CKD. You should consult your doctor before you start to drink this kind of tea.

Drink more water

After the metabolic wastes are filtered out by kidneys, most of them will end in urine. Drinking more water can increase your urination and the excretion of wastes. It is an easy and natural way to lower high creatinine in CKD. However, if you have swelling, you should limit the water intake properly.

Eat a proper daily diet.

Creatinine is the end products of creatine in muscle. Excessive intake of meat will lead to too much production of creatinine in the blood. Hence, people with Kidney Disease are suggested to strictly restrict their daily intake of meat.


Researches have found that salvia can increase the rate that creatinine is filtered and discharged out of the body. What is more, it can improve the circulation in the kidneys.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This treatment is based on Chinese herbal medicines. It is different from the oral medicines, in order to avoid the damage to gastrointestinal tract and enhance the efficiency of Chinese herbal medicines. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is applied externally, so patients just need to lie in the bed to take this treatment. People say it just likes a massage, very comfortable. After the condition is stable, patients can do this treatment at home by themselves to consolidate curative effect.

As patients from different countries with different conditions, the home remedy should differ from each other. Leave your conditions and country in the below chart. And we are glad to inform you the local home remedy that is specific for you.

Stage 3 Kidney Disease with Creatinine

2.4 and Nausea Home Remedy

Stage 3 Kidney Disease, a moderate loss of kidney function, occurs when the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is 30-59 mililiters per minute. Some patients may notice symptoms like high creatinine 2.4 and nausea. What home remedy can help relieve these problems? Chat with our online doctor for personalized advice!

Home remedy for high creatinine 2.4 in Stage 3 Kidney Disease

a. Reduce protein intake. Eating less protein can help decrease creatinine level as well as reduce the damaged kidneys’ workload to remove wastes from the body. Proper food sources include eggs, lean meat, fish, etc.

b. Increase fluid intake. Generally, fluid isn’t restricted on the Stage 3 Kidney Disease diet. You can chat with our online doctor for the exact amount of water intake in your case.

c. Drink aloe vera juice, as it can help promote kidney function as well as control levels of blood sugar and blood pressure.

d. Nettle tea can help patients discharge toxic substances including creatinine.

e. Other helpful remedies also include ginseng, cinnamon, salvia, cranberry juice, etc.

Relieve nausea in Stage 3 Kidney Disease with home remedy

• Acupressure. There are many anti-nausea pressure points on the human body that can provide relief within a few minutes. It doesn’t require any medical supervision.

• Consume natural juices like grapes, etc to deal with this symptom.

• Apple cider vinegar can be used as a nausea remedy. Consult your doctor whether it is suitable for you.

• Lemon is also one of the natural remedies. Lemon mixed with warm water soothes the stomach.

• Chamomile tea is also an option to alleviate nausea.

So, you can try the above suggested remedies to deal with your creatinine 2.4 and nausea in Stage 3 Kidney Disease. Hope they are really helpful for your condition!