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1. Home remedies for hair loss.

2. Home treatment for gaining weight.

3. Home remedies for hypothyrodism.

4. Home remedies for dry skin.

5. Home remedies for constipation.

6. Home remedies for acidity.

7. Home remedies for headache.

8. Home remedies for snoring.

9. Home remedies for anemia.

10. Home remedies for frequent urination.

11. Home remedies for head lice.

12. Home remedies for back pain.

13. Home remedies for digestive disorders.

14. Home treatment to lose weight.

15. Home treatment for unwanted hair on chin.

16. Home remedies for sinus.

17. Home remedies for toothache.

18. Home remedies for canker sores.

19. Home remedies for gastritis.

20. Home treatment for acne.

21. Home remedies for dry cough.

22. Home remedies for asthma.

23. Home remedies for psoriasis.

24. Home remedies for low blood pressure.

25. Home remedies for corn.

26. Home remedies for morning sickness.

27. Home remedies for weak eyesight.

28. Home remedies for immune system disorders.

29. Home remedies for intestinal worms.

30. Home remedies for fibroids.

31. Home remedies for osteoporosis.

32. Home remedies for stye.

33. Home remedies for piles.

34. Home remedies for skin pigmentation.

35. Home remedies for high blood pressure.

36. Home remedies for peeling skin.

37. Natural treatment for dark underarms.

38. Home remedies for kidney stones.

39. Home remedies for gallstones.

40. Home remedies for varicose veins.

41. Home remedies for sleeping disorders.

42. Natural treatment for black heads.

43. Natural treatment for long hair growth.

44. Home remedies for sweating disorders.

45. Home remedies for allergies.

46. Home remedies for menopause.

47. Home remedies for breast tenderness.

48. Home remedies for anal fissures.

49. Home remedies for anemic children.

50. Home remedies for depression.

51. Home remedies for ulcers in intestine.

52. Home remedies for hay fever (dust allergy).

53. Home remedies for blemishes.

54. Natural treatment for removing skin tan.

55. Care for normal facial skin.

56. Home remedies for neurititis (nerve pain).

57. Natural treatment for burning feet.

58. Home remedies for foot pain.

59. Home remedies for vomiting.

60. Natural treatment for irregular periods.

61. Home remedies for glaucoma.

62. Home remedies for hoarsness.

63. Natural treatment for removing burn scars.

64. Natural treatment to control food carvings.

65. Natural treatment for numb sensation in finger.

66. Home treatment for frozen shoulder
(pain relief)

67. Home remedies for leuchorrhoea
(white discharge in women).

68. Home remedies for uterus infection.

69. Home remedies for weak memory.

70. Home remedies for fever.

71. Home remedies for hamifacial spasm.

72. Home remedies for blotting (gases)

73. Home remedies for high prolactin level.

74. Home remedies to regularize creatinine level.

75. Home remedies for custer headache.

76. Home remedies for white patches on skin.

77. Home remedies for reducing ciatic pain.

78. Natural treatment for increasing appetite in children.

79. Home remedies for dandruff.

80. Home remedies for umbilical hernias.

81. Home treatment for bug bites.

82. Home remedies for calcium deficiency.

83. Home remedies for fatigue.

84. Home remedies for temper.

85. Natural ways to remain active and energetic.

86. Home remedies for damaged ligaments.

87. Home remedies for vaginal boils.

88. Home remedies for dry skin due to fungal infection.

By the precious and valuable blessings of our Haqiqi Healers Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa TUS and His Mansoos AliQadar Mola Syedi Mufaddal bhaisaheb Saifuddin TUS .
we have healers all around the globe,Alhamdolillah.

We pray to Almighty Allah to grant the sawab of this khidmat to both Mola TUS and bless us with tauwfiq to help our brothers n sisters by assisting them with natural remedies.
88 question are asked this week and i have tried to give simple and effective remedies .

Wish you all good health.

1. Hair Loss

Hair Loss

2. underweight

Weight Gain

3. Hypothyroidism


4. Dry Skin

Dry Skin

5. Constipation


6. Acidity


7. Headache


8. Snoring


9. Anemia


10.Frequent Urination

Frequent Urination

11.Head Lice

Head Lice

12.Back Pain

Back Pain

13.Digestive Disorders

Digestive disorders

14.Weight Lose

Obesity: Weight Loss

15.Hair on Chin

Facial Hair: Unwanted Hair On Chin



17.Tooth Pain


18.Canker Sores

Canker Sores (Mouth ulcers)





21.Dry Cough

Dry cough





24. Low Blood Pressure:
• Blood pressure is the force with which the blood exerts on the walls of the arteries
• A pressure reading of 90/60 or lower is termed as low blood pressure
• Low blood pressure affects the oxygen supply to the various organs of the body

Symptoms to look for:
• Weakness
• Laziness
• Dizziness
• Patient gets easily tired

• Stress
• Faulty diet or malnutrition
• Loss of blood due to any injury or during the menstruation cycle
• Slow bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys or bladder

Natural home remedy using basil leaves and honey:
1. Crush 15 thoroughly washed basil leaves
2. Place it on a sieve and extract its juice
3. Add 1 tsp of honey to this juice
4. Mix well
5. Drink 2 times a day

Natural home remedy using raisins:
1. Soak 10-15 raisins overnight in water
2. Eat them on an empty stomach next morning
3. Follow this with 1 glass of water
4. Avoid eating or drinking anything for 1 hr after this

• Drink 1 cup raw beetroot juice twice a day
• Salt is useful in curing low blood pressure
o Drink 1 glass lukewarm water mixed with ½ tsp salt once everyday
o However do this only till pressure reaches to normal
• Drink a cup of black tea. Caffeine helps to increase the blood pressure

25. Corn:
• Corn is a raised bump or a rough patch on the skin
• The tiny toe is most susceptible to corn
• Corn may develop on other fingers as well

Symptoms to look for:
• Raised bump or a rough patch on the skin

• Increased pressure and friction on the feet causes the skin around the affected area to harden up and for a
corn. It could be due to:
o Tight footwear
o Hard shoe soles
o High heels
o Walking or standing for a long time

Natural home remedy using liquorice and mustard oil:
1. Take 2 tbsp liquorice powder
2. Add 2 tsp mustard oil
3. Mix well
4. Apply on corns before sleeping
5. Let it stay overnight
6. Apply this for a month

Natural home remedy using papaya:
1. Crush papaya to make paste
2. Apply this paste on the corn
3. Wrap it with a cloth
4. Leave it overnight
5. Do this for a month

• Apply castor oil 3-4 times a day
• Wear comfortable footwear. It shouldn’t be tight around toes or have a hard base
• Buy shoes with extra padding

26. Morning Sickness:
• Contrary to what the name suggests, the symptoms of this condition can occur anytime during the day

Symptoms to look for:
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Dehydration

• Rise of estrogen levels in the body
• Imbalance of electrolytes and glucose

Natural home remedy using curry leaves, lemon juice and sugar:
1. Crush a handful of curry leaves
2. Press them on a sieve and extract their juice
3. Take 2 tsp curry leave juice
4. Add 1 tsp lemon juice
5. You may add sugar for taste
6. Mix well
7. Drink 2 times every day

Natural home remedy using mint leaves, ginger, lemons and honey:
1. Take 1 tsp mint leaves’ juice
2. Add ½ tsp ginger paste
3. Add 1 tsp lemon juice
4. Add 1 tsp honey
5. Mix well
6. Drink 2 times every day

Natural home remedy using mint leaves:
1. Take a handful of mint leaves
2. Boil them in 200 ml water
3. Inhale the fumes for relief from morning sickness

• Do not get up from the bed immediately after sleep – wake up slowly
• Keep biscuits or crackers handy for early morning snacks
• Eat multiple small meals through the day
• Avoid fried, oily and spicy foods
• Avoid alcohol and caffeine intake

27. Weak Eyesight:
• Eye muscles help the eyes focus on objects
• Excessive strain on the eye can weaken these muscles
• Weak eye muscles cause problems in eyesight

Symptoms to look for:
• Loss of eyesight
• Objects look fuzzy

• Excessive time spent watching TV
• Staring at computer screens
• Excessive reading
• Exposure to harmful pollutants in the air

Natural home remedy using almonds, fennel seeds and sugar candy:
1. Take 7 almonds
2. Add 2 tsp fennel seeds
3. Add 1 tsp sugar candy
4. Crush the mixture
5. Add 1 tsp of this mixture to 1 glass warm milk
6. Drink this at bedtime
7. After having this, do not drink anything for 2 hr

Natural home remedy using milk, liquorice powder, clarified butter and honey:
1. Take 1 cup warm milk
2. Add ½ tsp liquorice powder
3. Add ¼ tsp clarified butter
4. Add 1 tsp honey
5. Mix well
6. Drink this every day
7. For better results, drink it at bedtime
8. Continue this for 3 months

• Wash your eyes with water 2-3 times everyday
• Run your palms till they become warm and then cover your eyes with your palms.
This helps relax eye muscles.
• Fix an anti-glare screen to your computer monitor

28. Immune System Disorders (Weak Immune System):
• The immune system:
o Prevents the body from various bacterial, fungal and viral attacks
o Neutralizes and destroys the micro organisms
o Cleanses the poisons that could harm the body
• A weak immune system makes one prone to:
o Cold
o Flu
o Herpes
o Cold sores, etc

• Stress
• Unhealthy lifestyle
• Lack of sufficient nutrients in diet
• Ageing
• Surgeries
• It may also be a result of medical conditions like:
o Cancer
o Inflammatory bowel disease
o Low white blood cell count
• Children and pregnant women have naturally low immunity

Natural home remedy using ashwagandha and milk:
• Ashwagandha is a commonly available ayurvedic herb. It helps stimulate the immune system and counteracts the effects of stress.

1. Take 1 glass lukewarm milk
2. Add 1 tbsp ashwagandha powder
3. Mix well
4. Drink once daily

Natural home remedy using giloy powder:
1. Take 1 glass warm water
2. Add 1 tsp giloy powder, a commonly available ayurvedic herb
3. Mix well
4. Drink once every day

• Consume seasonal fruits
• Drink 1 glass milk every day

29. Intestinal Worms:
• Intestinal worms are common in the rainy season
• The condition usually affects people in the tropical and sub-tropical regions

Symptoms to look for:
• Loose motions
• Bad breath
• Dark circles
• Constant hunger pangs
• Anaemia
• Headaches

• Worms breed in unhygienic conditions
• Worm eggs travel inside the intestine via contaminated food or water
• Worms like hookworms may enter the body if one walks barefoot on soil
• The eggs of these worms hatch and multiply in the intestine

Natural home remedy using jaggery and carom seeds:
1. Take 10 g jaggery
2. Eat on empty stomach in the morning
3. Wait for 15 min
4. Then eat ½ tsp of crushed carom seeds
5. Follow with 1 glass of water

Natural home remedy using coconut and castor oil:
1. Take 1 tbsp crushed coconut
2. Eat along with the breakfast
3. After 3 hr
4. Take 1 glass warm water
5. Add 3 tbsp castor oil
6. Drink the mixture

Natural home remedy using papaya and honey:
1. Peel and de-seed 1 unripe papaya
2. Crush the papaya to make a paste
3. Press the paste on a sieve and extract papaya juice
4. Add 2 tsp honey
5. Add 5-6 tbsp hot water
6. Mix well
7. Drink once every day

30. Fibroids:

• Fibroids is a condition which affects women
• Tumors develop within and outside the uterus
• The condition is usually detected only after the tumours have grown in size
• Tumors shrink after menopause, due to decline in the level of reproductive hormones

Symptoms to look for:
• Abdominal discomfort
• Backache
• Frequent urination
• Pain during:
o Menstruation cycle
o Bowel movements
o Sexual intercourse

• Obesity
• Alteration in genes
• Increase in level of hormones like estrogen and progesterone

Natural home remedy using milk, turmeric, coriander powder and triphala:
1. Turmeric soothes any inflammation while coriander purifies the blood.
Triphala, an ayurvedic herb, rejuvenates the body.
2. Take 1 glass warm milk
3. Add 1 tsp turmeric powder
4. Add 1 tsp coriander powder
5. Add 1 tsp triphala powder
6. Mix well
7. Drink 2 times a day

• Include kidney beans and black-eyed beans in your daily diet as they help reduce the estrogen levels

31. Osteoporosis:
• Osteoporosis is a condition in which the density of the bones reduces
• This results in thinner and weaker bones
• Such bones fracture easily – usually around the hip, spine and wrist

Symptoms to look for:
• Pain in the lower or middle back
• Hunched physique
• Loss of height
• Limited mobility

• Reduction of estrogen levels post menopause
• Deficiency of calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus
• Medical conditions like:
o Over-active thyroid
o Diabetes
o Rheumatoid arthritis
o Anorexia
o Bulimia

Natural home remedy using milk and sesame powder:
1. Take 1 cup warm milk
2. Roast and grind a handful of sesame seeds
3. Add 1 tsp of this sesame powder to milk
4. Mix well
5. Drink 3 times a day

Natural home remedy using almond and cow/goat/soy milk:
1. Soak 7 almonds in water overnight
2. Peel the almonds the next morning
3. Blend them with cow’s milk, goat’s milk or soymilk
4. Consume this calcium-rich milk every day

• Broccoli is helpful as it is rich in calcium
• Consume pineapples, pears and apples
• Exercise to strengthen the muscles

32. Stye:
• Stye is a bacterial infection of the eye
• It is a contagious condition

Symptoms to look for:
1. Pimple near the eye lid
2. Pain
3. Swelling
4. Watery eyes
5. Loss of vision

• Application of cosmetics
• Incomplete removal of make up
• Conjunctivitis

Natural home remedy using coriander seeds:
1. Take 300 ml of water
2. Add 2 tbsp of coriander seeds
3. Boil for 15-20 min
4. Strain the mixture
5. Allow it to cool
6. Use this as eyewash twice a day

Natural home remedy using tea bag:
1. Tannin, a chemical in the tea, helps get relief from the painful bump near the eye
2. Take a tea bag
3. Dip it in water
4. Remove and press it on the stye for 5-6 min
5. Repeat this 5 times a day

• Take precautions like using separate towels and other common objects
• Never burst the stye as it can spread the infection in the eye
• Avoid touching the stye, the germs in your hand might make matters worse

33. Piles (Hemorrhoids):
• Piles is a result of inflammation of veins around the rectum
• Symptoms depend on which veins are affected

Symptoms to look for:
• If internal veins get infected, then there is no discomfort
• If external veins are infected, there is pain while passing stool
• Presence of lumps around the anal opening
• Itching and irritation
• Blood in stool

• Conditions which cause increased pressure on veins around the anus:
• Chronic constipation
• Diarrhoea
• The weight of the foetus and increase in blood flow during pregnancy
• Heavy weight-lifting jobs
• Excessive consumption of spices and condiments

Natural home remedy using radish:
1. Crush 1 radish
2. Add some milk to make a thick paste
3. Mix well
4. Apply around the anal opening
5. Wash off after 15 min
6. Repeat 2 times a day

Natural home remedy using cumin seeds:
1. Take 1 tbsp cumin seed powder
2. Add water to make a thick paste
3. Mix well
4. Apply on the affected area
5. Leave for 15 min
6. Wash off with water
7. Do this 2 times a day

Natural home remedy using ginger and mint leaves:
1. Crush some ginger (1 inch piece) and make a paste
2. Crush a handful of mint leaves and make a paste
3. Take 1 tsp ginger paste
4. Add 2 tsp mint leaves’ paste
5. Mix well
6. Press the paste on a sieve and extract its juice
7. Add 2 tsp lemon juice to it
8. Add 1 tsp honey
9. Mix well
10. Consume 2 times a day

34. Skin Pigmentation:
• Skin pigmentation is a condition wherein dark patches appear on the skin
• Although not life threatening, it can be a detriment to self-esteem

Symptoms to look for:
• Discoloration of the skin
• Presence of patches

• Melanin provides colour to skin
• Excessive production of melanin causes dark patches

Natural home remedy using tomato, oatmeal and yogurt:
1. Crush 1 tomato
2. Press on a sieve and extract its juice
3. Add 2 tsp oatmeal to it
4. Add ½ tsp yogurt
5. Apply on the patches
6. Allow it to dry naturally
7. Leave it for 15-20 min
8. Wash off with lukewarm water
9. Do this every day

Natural home remedy using turmeric powder and lemon juice:
1. Take 1 tsp turmeric powder
2. Add 1 tsp lemon juice
3. Mix well
4. Apply on the affected area
5. Leave it for 15 min to dry
6. Wash off with cold water
7. Do not expose skin to the sun immediately after this
8. Application at bedtime is advisable

35. High Blood Pressure:
• The heart pumps blood through the arteries to various parts of the body
• A certain amount of pressure is required to maintain the blood flow
• When this pressure increases over the normal level, it is called high blood pressure

Symptoms to look for:
• Headache
• Dizziness
• Blurred vision
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Chest pain
• Shortness of breath

• Obesity
• High salt intake
• Alcohol consumption
• Mental or physical stress

Natural home remedy using garlic:
1. Chew 2-3 raw garlic cloves everyday
2. Garlic slows down the pulse rate and smoothens the heart’s rhythm

Natural home remedy using Indian gooseberries:
1. Crush 4-5 Indian gooseberries
2. Place the paste on a sieve
3. Press the paste to extract the juice
4. Take 2 tsp of this juice
5. Add 1 tsp of honey
6. Mix well
7. Drink every morning

• Consume flaxseeds everyday
• Do not delay treatment for blood pressure since it can lead to:
o Heart attacks
o Kidney failure
o Strokes
o Peripheral artery disease

36. Peeling Skin:
• The outer layer of the skin suffers wear and tear due to:
o Friction
o Exposure to sun
o Humidity
• Every month the old skin is replaced by a new one
o During this time, peeling skin is normal

Symptoms to look for:
• Peeling skin becomes a problem when the condition becomes chronic and affects one frequently

• Eczema
• Sun burns
• Psoriasis
• Dry skin

Natural home remedy using cucumber:
1. Peel and crush 1 cucumber to paste
2. Apply the paste on the affected area
3. Leave it for 15 min
4. Wash off with warm water
5. Do this regularly

Natural home remedy using mint leaves:
1. Crush a few washed mint leaves
2. Press on a sieve and extract their juice
3. Apply this juice on the peeled skin to keep it hydrated

This is highly effective for eczema and dermatitis patients.

Natural home remedy using turmeric, sandalwood, honey and olive oil:
1. Take 1 tsp turmeric powder
2. Add 1 tsp sandalwood powder
3. Add 1 tsp honey
4. Add olive oil to make a paste
5. Mix well
6. Apply on the affected area
7. Wash and dry after 30 min

• Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day
• Wear a sunscreen before stepping out in sun
• Use mild soap for bathing

37. Dark Underarms:
• Dark underarms is an embarrassing condition which may affect one’s self-esteem
• It’s a cause of concern for many people

Symptoms to look for:
• Itching
• Excessive odour

• Darkening of skin is due to accumulation of dead skin cells under the skin
• This happens due to:
o Harsh deodorants
o Anti perspirants
o Shaving
o Using cosmetic products on the underarms
o Hair removal creams

Natural home remedy using cucumber, lemon juice and turmeric powder:
1. Take a half peeled cucumber
2. Crush it to a paste
3. Press this paste on a sieve and extract juice
4. Take 1 tsp of this juice
5. Add 1 tsp lemon juice
6. Add tsp turmeric powder
7. Mix well
8. Apply on the affected area
9. Wash off after 20 min
10. Do this 4 times a week

Natural home remedy using sandalwood powder and rosewater:
1. Take 2 tsp sandalwood powder
2. Add 2 tsp rosewater
3. Massage on the underarms for 5 min
4. Wash off after 30 min

Natural home remedy using chickpea flour, lemon and yogurt:
1. Take 2 tbsp chickpea flour
2. Add 2 tbsp lemon juice to it
3. Add 2 tbsp yogurt
4. Mix well
5. Apply and massage for 5 min
6. Wash off after 2 hr
7. Place a cloth on your underarms to avoid contact with clothes

38. Kidney Stones:
• Kidneys clear impurities from blood and remove the waste in form of urine
• There are two types of stones:
o Uric acid stones
o Calcium stones (90% of the stones)

Symptoms to look for:
• Stones cause problems when they move from the kidney to the urinary tract
• Urine turns brown or red in colour due to presence of blood
• Uncontrollable urge to urinate
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• As stones grow, they cause unbearable pain

• Crystallisation of chemicals and minerals present in urine leads to kidney stones

Natural home remedy using kidney beans:
1. Take 60 gm kidney beans
2. Add 4 L of water
3. Heat for 4-5 hr
4. Strain the liquid through a fine muslin cloth
5. Allow the liquid to cool
6. Drink 1 glass of this liquid once every 2 hr in a day
7. Do this for a week
8. Do not use the liquid or the beans again 24 hr after the 1st preparation

Natural home remedy using horse gram and pomegranate seeds:
1. Take 1 cup of horse gram
2. Add ½ L water
3. Heat the mixture till water level reduces to 1/5th
4. Strain and collect the soup
5. Add 2 tsp of crushed pomegranate
6. Mix well
7. Drink once a day

Natural home remedy using basil leaves and honey:
1. Take 10-15 basil leaves
2. Crush them to make paste
3. Take 1 tsp of basil leaf paste
4. Press on a sieve and extract its juice
5. Add 1 tsp honey
6. Mix well
7. Drink this every day

• Drink a glass of apple juice every day
39. Gallstones:
• Stones in the gallbladder are referred to as gallstones
• There are two types of gallstones:
o Cholesterol stone
o Pigment stone
• Cholesterol stones are more common
o They can vary in size from a small grain to the size of a big golf ball

Symptoms to look for:
• Pain in the upper abdomen
• Pain may be short lived or for may stay for longer
• Backache
• Pain between the shoulder blades
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Yellowing of skin and eyes
• Indigestion

• Bile is a digestive fluid, which is stored in the gallbladder. Excess cholesterol in bile results in formation of stones. This may happen due to:
o Consuming excessive junk food
o Being overweight
o Sudden loss of weight due to crash diet or starvation

Natural home remedy using apple juice and apple cider vinegar:
1. Take 1 glass of apple juice
2. Add 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar
3. Mix well
4. Drink once everyday

Natural home remedy using pear juice and honey:
1. Take ½ glass of hot water
2. Add ½ glass of pear juice
3. Add 2 tbsp of honey
4. Mix well
5. Drink 3 times a day

Natural home remedy using beetroot, cucumber and carrot:
1. Take raw beet juice
2. Add an equal amount of cucumber juice
3. Add an equal amount of carrot juice
4. Mix them all
5. Drink 2 times a day

• Consume citrus foods and apples liberally as these are rich in pectin,which is affective against gallstones
• Avoid refined food like:
o White flour
o Artificial sweeteners
o Poultry products
o Red meat
o Ice cream
o Eggs
• Include turmeric in the diet
• Reduce intake of carbohydrates
• Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day

40. Varicose Veins:
• Varicose veins is a condition in which blue or purple coloured veins can be seen jutting from the legs
• This usually affects the legs, usually near the feet

Symptoms to look for:
• Pain in the legs
• Heaviness in legs
• Itching around the affected area
• Pain while standing
• Cramps

• Veins carry deoxygenated blood from the body parts to the heart. If there is excess pressure on the veins, the blood flow gets obstructed causing the veins to turn and twist.

Pressure could be due to:
o Obesity
o Chronic constipation
o Sitting or standing in one position for long
o Enlarged prostate
o Constant coughing
o Sudden weight rise during pregnancy

Natural home remedy using fuller’s earth:
1. Take some fuller’s earth
2. Add water to make paste
3. Apply on the infected area
4. Leave it overnight
5. Wash off with water the next morning

Natural home remedy using chamomile powder:
1. Make a paste of chamomile powder and water
2. Apply this paste on the affected veins

Natural home remedy using marigold petals:
1. Take a handful of marigold petals
2. Wash them thoroughly and crush them to paste
3. Apply it on the veins
4. Leave it overnight

• Do not wear tight or high heeled shoes
• Avoid sitting cross legged
• If you’re overweight, lose some kilos. Extra weight adds pressure on the legs

41. Sleeping disorder:Insomnia
• Insomnia refers to the inability to go to sleep and sleeping difficulties

Symptoms to look for:
• Difficulty in falling asleep
• Inability to remain asleep
• Waking up early
• Lack of sleep leads to:
• Weak memory
• Lack of concentration
• Irritability
• Confused state of mind

• Mental tension
• Anxiety
• Excessive work
• Feeling of resentment
• Anger and bitterness
• Constipation
• Overeating at night
• Dyspepsia
• Excessive consumption of tea or coffee
• Smoking
• Empty stomach before sleep

Natural home remedy using milk and honey:
1. Take 1 glass of milk
2. Add 1 tsp of honey
3. Drink every night before bedtime
4. This works as a tonic and a natural tranquilliser
5. Natural home remedy using aniseed and milk:
6. Take ½ L of water
7. Add 1 tsp of aniseed
8. Heat the mixture for 15 min
9. Strain the mixture
10. Drink the liquid when it’s hot

• You may add hot milk or honey to improve taste

• Consume at bedtime

Natural home remedy using honey:
1. Take 1 glass of water
2. Mix 2 tsp of honey
3. Mix well
4. Drink before bedtime

• Take a hot bath or shower before bedtime for sound sleep

42. Blackheads:
• Blackheads are one of the most common forms of acne

Symptoms to look for:
• Dark spots appearing around:
o Forehead
o Nose
o Chin area

• Oil producing glands in the skin produce excess oil
• This leads to expansion and thickening of skin pores
• Oil accumulates in the pores and hardens
• Air reacts with this oil, turning it black in colour

Natural home remedy using lemon juice and cinnamon powder:
1. Take 1 tsp lemon juice
2. Add 1 tsp cinnamon powder
3. Mix well
4. Apply on the affected area
5. Leave it for 15-20 min
6. Repeat 2-3 times a day

Natural home remedy using coriander leaves and turmeric powder:
1. Crush a handful of washed coriander leaves
2. Press it on a sieve
3. Extract 1 tsp juice
4. Add 1 tsp turmeric powder to make paste
5. Apply this paste on the face every night
6. Leave it for 30 min
7. Wash off with lukewarm water

Natural home remedy using lemon juice and groundnut oil:
1. Take 1 tsp lemon juice
2. Add 1 tsp groundnut oil
3. Mix well
4. Apply on the affected area
5. Leave it for 15-20 min before washing

• Avoid oil-based skin products

43. Long Hair Growth:
• Hair is made of protein fibres that comes from the follicles present on the scalp
• A good diet provides essential nutrients to hair
• Hair care is important to get long shiny hair

Natural home made hair conditioners using banana, milk and honey:
1. Take 1 mashed banana
2. Add 1 egg
3. Add 3 tbsp milk
4. Add 3 tbsp honey
5. Mix well
6. Apply on hair and scalp
7. Wash off with a mild shampoo after 30 min

Natural home made hair conditioners using eggs and olive oil:
1. Take 2 eggs
2. Add 5 tsp olive oil
3. Mix well
4. Apply this on the scalp
5. Wear a shower cap
6. Leave it for 30 min
7. Wash off with mild shampoo

• After washing the hair, allow them to dry naturally
• Use hair dryer only after the hair is mildly damp
• Comb hair regularly and gently

44. Sweating Disorder (Hyperhidrosis):
• Sweating keeps the body cool
• One may also sweat when angry, embarrassed, nervous or scared
• However, excessive and erratic sweating is troublesome

Symptoms to look for:
• Sweating even at cool temperature
• Sweating usually restricted to palm and feet
• In some cases, it may spread through entire body

• Usually a genetic condition

Natural home remedy using coconut oil and camphor:
1. Take 1 cup coconut oil
2. Add about 10 g crushed camphor
3. Mix well and make a paste
4. Apply on areas prone to sweating

• Drink 1 cup tomato juice everyday
o It is rich in anti-oxidants
o It helps regulate sweat glands
• Keep your body cool by:
o Eating grapes
o Drinking 8-10 glasses of water everyday

45. Allergies:Food,Respiratory,Contact
• Allergies occur when the immune system reacts abnormally to certain stimuli
• These stimuli are referred to as allergens

Symptoms to look for:
Reaction to allergens vary in individuals and can cause,

• Hives
• Rashes
• Anaphylactic attack in severe cases

There are 3 types of allergies
1. Respiratory allergies which lead to:

• Sneezing
• Coughing
• Watering of eyes and nose
• Asthma

2. Food allergies which lead to

• Diarrhoea
• Flatulence
• Eczema
• Skin rashes
• Swelling of throat

3. Contact allergies which cause:

• Itching inflammation
• Burning sensation
• Blisters

• The Immune system incorrectly perceives some substances as a threat
• Respiratory allergies are caused by airborne allergens like dust, pollen, etc
• Food allergy is are caused as an adverse reaction to certain food items
• Contact allergy is caused by skin’s reaction to some metals, fragrances or latex

Natural home remedy using carrot juice, beetroot juice and cucumber juice:
1. Take 250 ml carrot juice
2. Add 100 ml beetroot juice
3. Add 100 ml cucumber juice
4. Mix well
5. Have once everyday
6. This helps reduce allergic reaction and soothes existing allergies

Natural home remedy using lemon and honey:
Lemon helps flush toxins from the body. It is an antibiotic and has anti-allergic properties

1. Take 1 glass lukewarm water
2. Squeeze ½ lemon in it
3. Add 1 tsp honey
4. Mix well
5. Drink on an empty stomach

46. Nutrition and Supplements – Herbs for Menopause
Once women reach the menopause years, typically around the age of 50, a variety of physiological changes and menopause symptoms occur that can have a profound impact on their lives. Menopause is a term that refers to the end of menstruation, the result of the natural decline in the hormones (estrogen, progesterone and others) produced in the ovaries. After years of preparing and releasing eggs, the ovaries eventually reach a point where they end their monthly routine. As hormone levels decrease, a number of symptoms may emerge, although their presentation and severity varies greatly from woman to woman.

The most common menopause symptoms are hot flashes, depression, insomnia, vaginal dryness, irritability, mood swings and headaches.

Try the following natural remedies and herbs for menopause:
Soy foods.

The isoflavones in soy foods help balance hormone levels and have some estrogenic activity. There is ongoing research about the safety and efficacy of isolated soy isoflavone supplements. While the initial results look promising, we currently recommend using natural soy foods rather than supplements. Choose from tofu, soy milk, roasted soy nuts or tempeh.


Substances called lignins in flaxseed are important modulators of hormone metabolism. Grind flaxseed daily in a coffee grinder at home and use 1 to 2 tablespoons a day.

Dong quai.

Dong quai (Angelica sinensis) is known both in China and the West for its ability to support and maintain the natural balance of female hormones. It does not have estrogenic activity. This is one of the herbs for menopause that should not be taken if a woman is experiencing heavy bleeding.

Black cohosh

(Cumicifuga racemosa). One of the best-studied traditional herbs for menopause, black cohosh is used to help alleviate some symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes. Black cohosh seems to work by supporting and maintaining hormonal levels, which may lessen the severity of hot flashes. Many women report that the herb works well but it isn’t effective for everyone. While any therapy that influences hormonal actions should be a concern, black cohosh does not appear to have estrogenic activity and thus may be safe for women with a personal or family history of breast cancer.

Vitamin E

.A daily dose of 400 IUs of natural vitamin E (as mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols) can help alleviate symptoms of hot flashes in some menopausal women.

B vitamins.

This group of water-soluble vitamins may help women deal with the stress of menopausal symptoms.

Evening primrose oil or black currant oil.

These are sources of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid that can help influence prostaglandin synthesis and help moderate menopausal symptoms.

47. Home Remedies for Breast TendernessBreast discomfort and tenderness can happen for several reasons. Some women have achy breasts before and during their period
Home Remedies for Breast Discomfort and Tenderness: Warm compress
Hold a heat compress such as a towel or a heating pad to the achy breast for 10 to 15 minutes to ease the pain and discomfort from achy or tender breasts.

Home Remedies for Breast Discomfort and Tenderness: Cooling Down
When you have achy and swelling breasts from having your period you can try holding a cold compress such as a bag of ice, an ice pack, or a frozen bag of vegetables, molded onto your breasts until the pack starts to warm. Repeat this as needed. By doing this you will ease the pain and swelling from breast discomfort and tenderness due to your menstrual cycle.

Home Remedies for Breast Discomfort and Tenderness: Supportive Bra
Sometimes wearing a bra can irritate a woman’s breasts. Not wearing a bra, however, can cause irritation even more because of the weight of your breasts. Try wearing a supportive bra such as a sports bra. If you don’t like sports bras, look for a bra that has no seams and nothing pushing up against you. If it has an underwire in it, make sure it is very well padded so that it doesn’t add to the friction.

Home Remedies for Breast Discomfort and Tenderness: Add More Soy
To ease the pain and discomfort in your breasts caused by unwanted effects of estrogen, try adding more soy to your diet. It is a fact that in certain societies where soy is a regular part of a woman’s diet, there is fewer breast discomfort. Foods made from soy contain natural substances that are converted to hormone like substances that may block unwanted effects from estrogen.

Home Remedies for Breast Discomfort and Tenderness: Cut out Salt and Caffeine
If you are experiencing breast discomfort from fluid retention, cutting salt from your diet should help prevent and ease breast discomfort. Salt is a water magnet. Cutting caffeine from your diet may help also because caffeine contains a compound called methalxanthine that can cause pain and stimulate breast tissue. Cut out coffee, tea, soda, chocolate, and pain medications such as Excedrin.

Home Remedies for Breast Discomfort and Tenderness: Herbal Tea
Herbal teas such as corn silk, buchi, and uva ursi act as a mild diuretic that can flush out some of the fluid that contributes to breast discomfort. You can find these herbal teas at any health food stores.

Home Remedies for Breast Discomfort and Tenderness: Evening Primrose Oil
Some women have found that by taking evening primrose oil eases breast discomfort and tenderness. There is no scientific reason for it. Health food stores sell evening primrose oil in tablet form.

48. Nature Cure for Anal fissures:
The treatment of anal fissures should first commence by taking all the necessary steps to avoid constipation and soften the stools and keep them regular. The patient should be made to fast on raw juices for about five days. Juices of fruits such as carrot, orange and pineapple may be taken during this period. The patient should drink a glass of juice every two hours throughout the day mixed with water in equal proportions. Warm water enema should be administered daily during this period to cleanse the bowels.

The patient may thereafter switch to an exclusive diet of fresh fruits for the first five days. He should take fresh juicy fruits such as apple, pineapple, orange, peach, pears, grapes and papaya at an interval of five hours during this period. After this the patient can gradually embark to a well balanced diet.

The patient should strictly adhere to diet restrictions in curing anal fissure. This should consist of unrefined foods such as molasses, lentils, whole grain cereals, honey, green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, French beans, tomatoes, cabbage, onions, carrot, pumpkins and beet; fresh fruits especially mangoes, pears, figs, grapes, papaya, oranges, guavas and gooseberries; dry fruits such as apricots, figs, raisins and dates and milk products in the form of milk, butter and ghee.

One of the most effective remedy in the treatment of anal fissure is a gentle instillation of about 65 grams of olive oil into the rectum. This should be repeated daily as needed as it helps in softening the hardened stool.

Foods such as biscuits, cakes, pastries, fleshy foods, cheese, preservatives, products made of white flour, rice and white sugar should be avoided as they result into constipation. It is necessary to strictly avoid sugary foods as sugar steals away the B vitamins from the body without which the intestines cannot function properly.

Drinking sufficient quantity of water is beneficial not only for cleansing the system but also for removing constipation, washing out poisons and diluting the blood. However proper care should be taken not to drink water along with meals as it dissolves the gastric juices necessary for proper digestion. It should be taken one hour before or one hour after meals.

Daily dry friction should form a basic part of the treatment for anal fissure. The affected part should be bathed several times daily with hot and cold fomentations. A piece of linen material should be applied for three to four minutes after being wrung in hot water This hot application should be repeated three times for the same length of time. This should be followed by cold application. This order should always be adopted namely three hot applications followed by one cold application.

Regular physical exercises and fresh air should form an important part of daily health regimen. Yogic asanas such as pavanmuktasana, yogamudra, uttanpadasana, vajrasana, shalabhasana and shavasana are also very beneficial in the treatment of this disease.

Thus it can be concluded that the application of various natural remedies have been found to be very beneficial
49. Home Remedies for Anemia in children

Tip 1:
1 Cup beetroot juice, 1 cup of apple juice, mixed with either sugar or honey once a day.

Tip 2:
Consume a ripe banana with 1 tbsp of honey 2 times a day.

Tip 3:
Soak 10 currants overnight. Remove seeds and have for 3-4 weeks and have first thing in the morning .

Tip 4:
Drink a mixture of apple and tomato juice.

Tip 5:
Eat a lot of green leafy vegetables.

Tip 6:
Honey-It is very good for an anemic child because it helps increase the haemoglobin in the blood. It is rich in iron, copper and manganese.

Have the child get plenty of vitamin C to increase his or her ability to absorb the iron. Vitamin C rich foods include broccoli, green peppers, and citrus fruits.

Have the child eat dried fruit, as they contain concentrated minerals such as iron. Especially have the child eat apricots, figs, and raisins.

Cook food in a cast iron skillet to increase the iron content of foods, especially when cooking acid rich foods, such as tomatoes.


50. Home remedies for depression
1.saffron is powerful natural depression remedy. This believe comes from Iran, the home of saffron. whenever you feel down and a little depressed, take a small pinch of saffron mix it with hot/boiled water just like if you are making tea. It will delight your day and you will start laughing to every little joke around you 🙂 make sure you find original saffron though because there is so much of these artificial or not a good quality saffrons out there.

2. Meditation is also a common form of natural remedies that can greatly help people with anxiety and depression. There are various forms of meditation and its basic concept would be to relax the mind and body to lift the feelings of depression or anxiety. Today, one can find a range of books, CDs and DVDs that can help you in grasping the essence of meditation and how you can use it.

51. Home remedies for ulcers in intestine

An ulcer is a wound or erosion in the lower portion of the food pipe, stomach, or duodenum. A gastric ulcer occurs when the natural resistance of the stomach tissues towards acids and the digestive juices decreases. There is pain in the middle of the chest after having a meal because the food irritates the ulcer, therefore one tends to avoid eating. In a duodenal ulcer, there is increased acid secretion in the stomach, which trickles down into the duodenum and erodes it. This condition occurs on an empty stomach and so one prefers to overeat. In Ayurveda, gastric ulcer is known as annadravshool. Annadrava means ‘assimilated food’, and shool means ‘pain’, i.e., ‘pain that arises when the food is eaten’. The duodenal ulcer is known as parinaamshool: parinaam refers to the ‘post-digestive fluid’, so parinamshool is the ‘pain (shool) occurring after the final stage of digestion in the stomach’.

Home Remedies:
Have 1 glassful of cold milk with a pinch of green cardamom powder and 1 teaspoon powdered rock candy (or unrefined sugar), 3-4 times a day or whenever there is pain.

Take 1 teaspoon of Indian gooseberry (amla; amalaki) powder with ½ teaspoon of powdered rock candy (or unrefined sugar) twice a day on an empty stomach.

Mix 1 teaspoon of roasted barley flour into 1 glassful of water. Add 1 teaspoon of powdered rock candy (or unrefined sugar). Have this 3-4 times a day.

Diet and Lifestyle
Have light and easily digestible food. Use whole-wheat flour, brown rice or parboiled rice, cow’s milk, coconut water, and barley water. Avoid heavy, dry, penetrating, spicy, and sour foods. Avoid fish, mustard oil, mustard seeds, pulses, rice, tea, coffee, and alcohol. Avoid waking up late in the night, sitting under the sun, and fasting.


52. Hay Fever:Dust allergy
• Hay fever is the allergy to dust, pollen or dander in air
• These allergens may enter one’s body through ears, nose or mouth

• The body incorrectly perceives these particles as a threat
• In response, it displays various adverse symptoms

Symptoms to look for:
• Cough
• Headache
• Itching of the:
o Nose
o Mouth
o Eyes
o Throat
o Ear
o Skin
• Watery and red eyes
• Runny nose

Natural home remedy using Indian gooseberries and honey:
1. Crush 4 Indian gooseberries
2. Press it on a sieve
3. Extract the juice
4. Add 1 tsp honey
5. Mix well
6. Drink 2 times everyday

Natural home remedy using grapefruit, lemon juice and honey:
1. Crush 2 peeled grapefruits to pulp
2. Press this pulp on a sieve
3. Extract juice
4. Add 2 tsp lemon juice to it
5. Add 4 tsp honey
6. Mix well
7. Drink 3 times everyday

Natural home remedy using chamomile leaves:
1. Boil some chamomile leaves in water
2. Cover the vessel for 5 min
3. Let the water simmer on a low flame
4. Remove the cover and inhale the fumes
5. Do this for 5-10 min
6. Do this once everyday

53. Blemishes:
• A blemish is a discoloured or a marked area on the skin


• Marks may develop on skin due to skin conditions like boils, pimples or acne
• Other causes include,
o Skin injuries
o Age
o Sun spots
o Freckles
o Moles

Natural home remedy using almonds and milk:
1. Soak 7-8 almonds in water for 12 hours
2. Peel and crush them
3. Add a little milk to make a paste
4. Apply on blemishes
5. Leave it overnight
6. Wash with cold water in the morning
7. Do this for at least 2 weeks

Natural home remedy using potato:
1. Take a potato slice
2. Rub on the affected area for 10 min
3. Do this 2-3 times a day

Natural home remedy using mint leaves:
1. Crush some mint leaves into a fine paste
2. Apply this paste on the blemishes
3. Leave it for 20 min
4. Wash off with cold water
54. Removing Skin Tan:
• Tan refers to the skin darkening due to exposure to the UV radiation of the sun
• In many regions, tanning is often done intentionally by sun bathing or other artificial methods

Symptoms to look for:
• Darkening of the affected skin
• Presence of blisters in severe cases

• Sun exposure facilitates production of vitamin D
• Excessive sun exposure can cause:
o Sunburn
o Skin cancer
o Weak immune system
• Exposure to the sun damages melanin leading to brief skin darkening

Natural home remedy using tomatoes and lemon juice:
1. Crush 2 washed tomatoes into a puree
2. Add 4 tbsp lemon juice
3. Mix well
4. Apply on the tanned skin
5. Leave it for 20 min
6. Wash off with cold water
7. Do this for 15 days

Natural home remedy using lemon juice and turmeric powder:
1. Take 6 tbsp lemon juice
2. Add 2 tsp turmeric powder
3. Mix well to make paste
4. Apply on the tanned skin
5. Leave it for 30 min
6. Wash off with water

• Rub potato slice on tanned skin for 5-10 min

55. Care for Normal Facial Skin (Face Masks for Cleansing and Fairness):
• The skin type is considered normal, when there is a right oil and moisture balance
• In normal skin,
o Skin tone is even
o There are usually no spots or blemishes
• Use natural face masks to get a glowing and a healthy skin

Natural face mask using banana, yogurt and honey:
1. Mash half a banana
2. Add 2 tbsp of yogurt
3. Add 1 tbsp of honey
4. Mix well
5. Apply on the face taking care to avoid the eyes
6. Leave for 15 min
7. Wash off with cold water

Natural face mask using yogurt and orange:
1. Take 1 tbsp of yogurt
2. Add juice of ¼ of an orange
3. Mix well
4. Apply on the face taking care to avoid the eyes
5. Leave for 5 min and then wash it off

56. Neuritis:Nerve pain
• Neuritis is the inflammation of a single or a series of nerves
• Sometimes many groups of nerves get affected causing polyneuritis

Symptoms to look for:
• Numbness around the affected area
• Tingling sensation
• Burning sensation
• Sharp shooting pain
• In severe cases, paralysis of the adjoining muscles

• Entry of toxic substances and other fluids in the body
• Nutritional deficiencies
• Incorrect eating habits
• Metabolic disorders
• Diabetes
• Poisoning with arsenic, alcohol or mercury
• Severe bruises
• Fractures
• Excessive pressure on the nerves

Natural home remedy using soymilk and honey:
1. Take 1 cup soymilk
2. Add 1 tsp honey
3. Mix well
4. Drink every night

Soybean is rich in lecithin, vitamin B and glutamic acid and it tones up the nervous system

Natural home remedy using carrot juice and spinach juice:
1. Take 300 ml carrot juice
2. Add 200 ml spinach juice
3. Mix well and drink

This strengthens the nervous system and provides relief from the pain

• Best treatment is to provide optimum nutrition
• For this, include the following in your diet:
o Whole wheat
o Brown rice
o Raw and sprouted seeds
o Milk
o Yogurt
o Cottage cheese

57. Home remedies for Burning feet
Burning feet is mostly due to peripheral neuropathy. One of the most common causes of peripheral neuropathy is diabetes others include AIDS, alcohol abuse, Vitamin B-12 deficiency and circulatory disorders.

Here are few tips which help to reduce burning feet:
– Exercise such as walking is good for peripheral neuropathy as it improves circulation to the feet.

– Massage the feet which also improve and increases circulation.
– Soak your feet in cool water. Do not use ice.

– Try changes in your shoes, socks, and insoles. Use socks made of Cool-Max and other artificial fibers that wick sweat away from the feet and cool them down.

Increase your intake of essential fatty acids. Eat fish, nuts, flaxseed oil and avocados. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, quality protein sources, organic dairy products and simple sugars. Staying hydrated is very important to help treat burning feet syndrome as lack of sufficient fluids can cause circulatory sluggishness and decrease the rise in body temperature.

Comfortable Shoes:
Wear shoes that don’t compress your feet and slow circulation. Make sure you have footwear that has supports your arches well and most importantly your shoes should be comfortable.

Health Issues:
Get yourself checked for liver congestion or kidney deficiencies. Both disorders can affect circulation and increase heat in the body. Also, get your blood sugar and thyroid levels checked.

Soak your feet in cold (not icy) water for 15 minutes. This will help provide relief to the tingling, numbness and swelling.

After a day’s work or even at work, try and lay on the floor or the couch with your feet raised. Use cushions to elevate your feet, keeping them above the level of your heart for about 15 minutes. This will help in clearing the congestion of blood pooling in the feet due to gravity, during the day.

Lifestyle Changes:
Apart from your diet, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Start gentle exercises and activities that you like doing.

Herbs and Vitamins:
B vitamins help to improve blood circulation and to address any potential nutrient deficiencies. Fish oil is a good source for of a potent anti-inflammatory for the cardiovascular system to decrease capillary congestion and support circulation.


58. Home Remedies for Foot Pain
Foot pain is one of the most common ailments found in almost every person. People of all age groups suffer from some kind of foot pain at some point in their life. Due to foot pain you can feel pain anywhere in the foot like the toes, heel, sole, ankles or arch. Foot pain can be due to a number of reasons such as old age, wearing uncomfortable shoes, excessive walking, standing on your feet for a long period of time, some kind of fracture, mineral deficiency, ingrown toenails, and diabetes and so on.

In case you are having foot pain, there is no need to take medicines. There are many things that you can try at home using simple and easily available ingredients to take care of the foot pain naturally.

Ice therapy is a good way to reduce pain and swelling on the feet. Take small amount of crushed ice into a small plastic bag and use it to massage the affected area in a circular motion. Instead of ice pack you can also use a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a thin towel. When ice pack is applied on the painful area of your foot it will temporarily numb the nerve endings and will give you relief from the pain. At the same time the swelling will also get reduced. You must not apply ice pack for more than ten minutes at a time or else the skin and nerves will get damaged.

Clove Oil
Clove oil is highly effective in treating headache, joint pain, athlete’s foot, nail fungus and also foot pain. To get quick relief from foot pain, you must gently massage your aching feet with clove oil. This will stimulate blood flow and relax your muscles. You can massage your feet and heels with clove oil several times a day to get quick relief from the pain. Those having sensitive or broken skin must dilute three drops of clove oil with one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil and then use it to massage the foot.

Vinegar is used in various treatments including foot pain. In order to get relief from foot pain caused due to some kind of sprains or strains, you need to use vinegar wraps both hot and cold. For this remedy take equal amounts of vinegar and water in two vessels. In one vessel use cold water and in the other use hot water. Now soak a towel in the hot water and vinegar mixture, squeeze out the excess moisture and then wrap it around your foot. Leave it wrapped for five minutes. Next repeat the process with cold water and vinegar mixture. Repeat the whole process at least three to four times.

59 . Vomiting:
• Vomiting is not a disease. It is a symptom of other diseases
• One shouldn’t try to suppress vomit as it can cause discomfort and uneasiness

Symptoms to look for:
• Vomiting can lead to dehydration

• Excessive alcohol
• Overeating
• Food poisoning
• Viral infection

Natural home remedy using curry leaves, lemon juice and honey:
1. Take 10-15 curry leaves
2. Crush them to make paste
3. Press this paste on a sieve
4. Extract juice
5. Add 1 tsp lemon juice
6. Add 1 tsp honey
7. Mix well
8. Drink this mixture twice everyday

It gives relief from morning sickness, nausea and vomiting.

Natural home remedy using garlic and milk:
1. Crush 2-3 garlic cloves to paste
2. Add this paste to 1 glass milk
3. Boil the mixture for 5 min
4. Sip this when hot

This is very effective in controlling vomit caused by digestive problems

Natural home remedy using mint leaves, ginger, lemon and honey:
1. Take 15-20 mint leaves
2. Take a small piece of ginger
3. Crush them together to a paste
4. Press the paste on a sieve
5. Extract juice
6. Take 2 tsp of this juice
7. Add 1 tsp lemon juice
8. Add 1 tsp honey
9. Mix well
10. Have this twice everyday

• Avoid dairy products for 24 hrs after vomiting
• Consume watermelons and muskmelons because they contain a lot of water
• Drink 8 glasses of water daily to prevent dehydration

60. Home remedies for irregular periods
This is a great SRI LANKAN home remedy for IRREGULAR PERIOD and for PERIOD PAIN…. These are the few steps,

( remember u have to do this before u start your periods , just imagine u have your period on 26, start this steps from 22 , )

1) At night, take a glass and some coriander seeds

2) Put 5 tablespoons of CORIANDER SEEDS to a glass and the fill pure water to the glass,

3) Then Cover it fully from a saucer ,

4) Leave it over night,

5) then remove coriander seeds and then drink the water in the morning when u get up before the bed tea,

6) Do like this until your periods over, then again continue these steps when your periods dates are near 🙂

61. Home Remedies for Glaucoma
Your eyeball has internal pressure called intraocular pressure. Glaucoma is a condition where the intraocular pressure increases. This pressure is similar to high blood pressure in the eye and is known as the hypertension of the eye. Some amount of pressure in the eye is necessary but when this pressure goes beyond the manageable limit, it can result in the loss of vision.

The increase in pressure is due to buildup of fluid in the eye ball. This fluid nurtures the eyes and keeps them healthy. After the circulation of the fluid is complete, it empties through the drain in the eye. But when the drain in the eye is blocked, the fluid cannot empty itself. This causes the buildup of fluid resulting in increased pressure and glaucoma is the end result.

As you age, your risk of suffering from glaucoma increases. But a lot of times, the symptoms of disease are not noticeable and when you finally do, it is very late to prevent the handicap. You are more likely to suffer from this problem if you have a family history where one or more of your family members are afflicted. Hence it becomes very important for you to undergo regular eye examination to rule out the possibility of glaucoma, irrespective of the presence of symptoms. If you detect the problems early, you can prevent damage to the nerves of the cells of the eye and vision loss.

Glaucoma Natural Treatment
Doctors will normally recommend surgery to relieve the internal pressure. But this does not remove the cause of the excess fluid. Hence the operation does not guarantee that the trouble does not recur or will not affect the other eye. Go for the natural treatment of the glaucoma, which is the same as that for any other condition arising from toxicity and is targeted toward preserving the remaining sight. You cannot cure glaucoma in the advanced stages but proper nutrition and other natural methods can control the problem and taking care of the remaining sight.

If you are suffering from glaucoma, avoid certain foodstuffs. Coffee is the main food to avoid due to its high caffeine content. Excess caffeine stimulates the vasoconstrictors, elevates blood pressure and increases the blood supply to the eye. Beer and tobacco can cause constriction of the blood vessels and hence should be avoided. Drink moderate amount of tea. Do not take excess fluids like juice, milk or water. Instead have small amounts many times with a gap of one hour.

Your diet should be mainly of seeds, nuts and grains, vegetables and fruits. Eat plenty of vitamin C-rich foods, fresh fruits and vegetables. Your breakfast should consist of oranges or grapes or any other juicy fruits of the season and a small amount of nuts or seeds. Take raw vegetable salad with olive oil and lemon juice dressing, two or three whole wheat chappatis and a glass of buttermilk for lunch. Steamed vegetables, butter and cottage cheese should form your dinner.

Consuming certain nutrients will help your condition tremendously. Generally, people with deficiencies of vitamin A, B, C, protein, calcium and other minerals have a higher risk of suffering from glaucoma. Calcium and B-complex relieve the intraocular pressure. Including vitamin C will also reduce this pressure. Taking 7000 mg of ascorbic acid five times a day brought down the pressure within the acceptable limits. Take some calcium along with it to minimize the side effects of the large dose like mild stomach discomfort and diarrhea.
Relax and strengthen your eyes by doing variety of eye and neck exercises. Avoid emotional stress and develop a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle. Do not strain the eyes for the long time like watching television, movies or reading. Do not use sunglasses.

62. Hoarseness (Laryngitis)
Hoarseness is usually caused due to inflammation of the voice box (laryngitis) or due to an infection such as cold, sounding voice scratchy or husky. There may be sore throat as well or feel as if there is lump in it, also suddenly lose voice as a result of overuse. When hoarseness develops gradually, it is usually because of prolonged overuse of the voice, smoking, or reflux of stomach acid (heartburn) irritating the voice box. In rare cases, a hoarse voice is a symptom of cancer of the larynx. Laryngitis or hoarseness are usually temporary, lasting for no more than a week and home treatment is usually all that is needed.

Home Remedies
Black pepper:

Take 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper powder with 1 teaspoon of clarified Butter.

* Rest your voice as much as possible.
* Eat soft foods that can be swallowed easily.
* Try steam inhalation to soothe inflammation and loosen secretions.
* Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to keep throat lubricated.
* Try to breathe through nose. Breathing through mouth dries the lining of throat and introduce cold, unfiltered air into the lungs, which contributes to hoarseness.
* Use a humidifier in home, or place bowls of water beside a radiator, to keep the air moist.

* Don’t talk or whisper. Whispering can strain vocal cords even more than normal speech.
* Don’t drink caffeinated drinks or alcohol.
* Stop smoking and avoid dry or smoky environments, which can dry the throat and aggravate hoarseness.
* If you smoke, stop it.
* Avoid fermented foods and dairy products such as cheese, yogurt.
* Avoid undiluted citrus juices as they are acidic and may irritate throat.
* Don’t gargle or use mouthwash as the alcohol in some gargles may cause more irritation.
* Don’t cough or clear throat forcibly.

63. Home remedies to remove burn scars
When the skin gets burnt, it often leads to scarring of that area which can be very displeasing to look at. The burn itself is a painful memory to erase and the burn scar is a constant reminder of it. Here are some effective home remedies using traditional Indian herbs to get rid of burn scars

1. Lemon and tomato juice both can help gently remove the dead skin and help the skin rejuvenate. Lemon has acidic properties that naturally lighten the scars. Freshly squeezed tomato juice is a natural bleaching agent and naturally cures the burn marks. Here’s how you can use them: Rinse the burn with cool (room temperature) water. You will need two clean washcloths, a fresh lemon and some fresh tomato juice. The burn mark should first be rinsed thoroughly under cold water. Now, place a moistened washcloth on the burn mark for a few hours. Meanwhile, keep some fresh lemon juice ready. Now, moisten the other washcloth with fresh lemon juice and dab the burn mark gently. After the area is dry, you should apply some fresh tomato juice on the burn mark. Due to its strong natural bleaching effect, you can get rid of the burn mark in just a few days. Repeat this procedure about twice a day on a regular basis to be rid of burn marks.

2. Another good way to remove scars at home is to gently massage the scar with almond oil. Massaging the scar twice a day will help to progressively reduce the scar.

3. Fenugreek seeds also help in getting rid of scars. Soak the fenugreek seeds in water overnight and grind it into a fine paste. Now apply this mixture gently on to the burn marks and leave it on. Once the paste has dried completely, you can wash it off with water. Apply this paste regularly to remove the scars. Cold water with turmeric also has antiseptic properties which work well on burnt skin.

4. Lavender essential oil is a very effective antiseptic that reduces pain and promotes rapid healing. In addition, lavender reduces scarring. When lavender oil is applied to a burn very quickly, the burn may heal with no scarring at all. For larger burns, pour lavender oil onto a gauze or cloth and apply to the burn every few hours.

5. The India unani Cotton-Ash Paste burn remedy has been used for centuries to treat even severe burns. Take a large piece of cotton wool (or any kind of pure, white cotton fabric) and burn it (perhaps in a metal pot). Use the ash of the burned cotton and mix with olive oil to get a thick paste. Spread this black paste on the burnt skin and cover with a cling film. Reportedly, the pain disappears in seconds and even the accompanied shock reduces in severity. If the pain is back, refresh it and use fresh paste on the wound. Use the paste for a week or so, depending on the severity of the burns.

6. Another age-old remedy is potato peels. They provide moisture and they also have anti-bacterial properties that help in healing. Doctors have found that potato peel bandages work better for minor burns than conventional dressings.

7. An effective home remedy for burns can be made by combining equal portions of barley, turmeric and yogurt. Apply the resulting paste over the affected areas for pain relief and healing.

8. Last, but far from least, is colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has wonderful antiseptic and healing properties and helps damaged tissue to regenerate. Major hospital burn units use colloidal silver bandages and ointments.

64. Home Remedies to Control Food Cravings
Eat balanced meals and avoid stringent diets: Researches show that people who eat balanced meals tend to snack or crave foods less often. Dietary restrictions worsen food cravings. You may wonder if that means you should give in to those intense cravings. Give in to your cravings sometimes. But what is really important is to listen to your cravings. If you are tempted to eat something salty, its possible that you may need salt. So, add salt to your food instead of munching of salty unhealthy snacks – which are also high in fat and probably even sugar.

Meditate to relax. Meditation in the form of Pranayama and breathing exercises, psychic healing and various mind management techniques help to destress.

Mouthwash :
Brushing and gargling with an antiseptic mouthwash dissuades you from eating after fresh mouthwash use.

Distract yourself:
Distraction helps you lose attention from your cravings. Change your environment or situation for at least an hour, get busy in some other activity. Try not to think of food. And, if you still feel you want what you’re craving for, just have a little.
Avoid situations which trigger a craving: If you skip a meal, you are likely to get so hungry that you end up overeating all the ‘wrong foods’ to compensate for it. These wrong foods are handy sugar candy or high fat fast foods. To control cravings and refrain from binge eating, eat several mini meals throughout the day.

Choose healthy substitutes
If your craving is so intense and you just cant control it, go ahead and pick up healthy alternatives like frozen yogurt, lite icecream or even the fat free sugar free variety. If you cant resist potato chips, choose baked tortilla chips. Whole fruit is a great alternative to stop sugar cravings. Prepare a food nutrition list with healthy food substitutes you can choose to guide you in these times of intense cravings.

Start a journal:
Prepare a food cravings journal. To keep track of your diet cravings, list down the foods you crave for, with the timing when you feel these urges, your emotional status at that time, quantity of the food you ate to satisfy your craving. This food journal helps you keep track of specific craving patterns and how you can deal with them.
Need more love and tender loving care: People who feel loved and cared for, are less likely to seek solace in unhealthy comfort foods. If you get frequent food cravings, it should give you the heads up that it is possible that you need more time to relax, need some tender loving care, positive friends, companionship, productive hobbies and activity.

Oftentimes, craved foods are processed carbs. These increase serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is our feel good neurochemical. Exercise releases such neurochemicals; namely serotonin, endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline which improve mood, regulate emotions positively. Thus, people who exercise regularly are less likely to get food cravings.

Food Fortification:
Consuming foods fortified with vitamins and minerals is an alternative option to deal with the micronutrient deficiencies which may arise out of food cravings.

65. How To Treat Numb Sensation In The Fingers?

Pins and needle sensation
It is common to feel a numbness or tingling sensation in your fingers or different parts of the body. Often referred to as ‘pins and needles,’ this temporary loss of sensation or burning feeling is caused by lack of blood supply to that particular area of the body. In a number of cases, this feeling passes on its own and is rarely a cause for anxiety. However, for some people, numbness in the fingertips or finger pareathesiamay be a sign of a more serious medical condition caused by nerve damage or another disease. If the condition is not treated in time, it may even lead to a permanent loss of sensation.

Signs and symptoms that may accompany numbness in the fingers include:
Pinpricking or tingling sensation (in fingers and other parts of the body)
Burning sensation (in fingers and other parts of the body)
Cramps or pain
Loss of sensation
Tremors in the extremities
Loss of muscle tone
may lose color and turn white
Decrease in muscle strength
If your fingers suddenly feel numb and you experience any of the following symptoms, it is important that you dial emergency services at the earliest. Some of these symptoms include:
Numbness following any injury or trauma
Change in vision
Loss of consciousness
Difficulty walking or moving
Uncontrollable movements of the arms or legs
Incoherent or slurred speech
Loss of control over urination and bowel movements
Weakness or fatigue

Numbness of the fingers can be caused by:
Holding a particular position for a long time
Cold or extreme weather conditions (frostbite)
Repetitive stress injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome where the median nerve is compressed and causes symptoms such as tingling and pain
Poor blood circulation
Stress and anxiety
Damaged or pinched nerves
Peripheral neuropathy
Diabetic neuropathy
Raynaud’s Syndrome
Peripheral artery disease
Spinal cord injury
Ulnar nerve palsy
Rheumatoid arthritis
Nutritional or vitamin deficiency (especially vitamin B12 deficiency)
Low potassium or calcium levels in the body
Multiple sclerosis
Neck injury
Shingles or herpes zoster
Under active thyroid
Certain medications

Treatment for numbness in fingers will depend on the cause. For example if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, certain wrist and hand exercises and the use of a wrist brace can help relieve pain and tingling. If diabetes is the cause of the numbness, medication and dietary changes can bring your blood sugar levels under control. Tingling caused by vitamin deficiency requires an increase in your vitamin intake either through your diet or with supplements.

Some simple ways to ease the feelings of numbness, tingling or burning in the fingers include:

Gentle massage of the fingers and hands to improve blood circulation. Massaging the fingers when immersed in a bowl of warm water is an effective way of reducing numbness
Regular exercise to improve circulation to the extremities and increase the supply of oxygen to all the cells of the body

Keep the fingers and hands elevated to promote blood circulation

Apply a warm or cold compress to reduce burning or tingling
Remedies such as breathing exercises and meditation may also help reduce stress-related symptoms such as numbness and tingling

Change your diet and remove inflammatory foods such as citrus fruits, dairy products and wheat that may aggravate the condition. Simultaneously increase your intake of potassium and calcium-rich foods such as bananas and avocados and green leafy vegetables

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol as this can exacerbate nerve damage.

Protect yourself from the cold and extreme weather conditions

Vitamin B12 is important in the maintenance of health and normal functioning of the nerve tissue and deficiency

66. Home remedy for Frozen Shoulder – pain relief
Stand a couple of feet away from the corner of a table, facing the table with legs slightly more than shoulder width apart. Put the hand of your ‘good arm’ on the corner of the table and lean forward so it supports your body weight, and so that the hand of your ‘bad’ arm (the one with the frozen shoulder) is hanging down. Let your bad arm just hang there. Do NOT swing your bad arm. GENTLY rotate your hips and upper body in a circular motion, similar to hula hooping in slow motion. (see Fig 1) You will notice that your hanging arm also rotates very gently in the same direction. Allow your hanging arm to move naturally. After a few rotations (between 10 and 20) pause for a few seconds, then rotate the hips and body in the opposite direction a similar number of times.

That’s it!

If the above exercise is very painful, or increases your pain, STOP immediately. It isn’t working for you. If the exercise doesn’t increase your pain, try repeating it after 15 minutes. If you find it relieves the pain, then the next time your shoulder is painful repeat the exercise. After doing the exercise a few times try doubling the number of rotations to see if this increases the period of relief.

67. White discharge in women (Leucorrhoea):
• Leucorrhea refers to a condition wherein there’s a whitish discharge from a woman’s vagina
• It is commonly known as whites
• This usually happens during intervals between menstruation cycles
• Usually lasts from a week to months
• If not treated, it can turn chronic in nature

Symptoms to look for:
• Whitish discharge from vagina
• Discharge is thick with pungent odour
• Weakness
• Lower back pain
• Painful calves
• Abdominal discomfort
• Constipation
• Headaches
• Excessive itching

• Damage to cervix during childbirth
• When the body is unable to remove toxins from the body with help of skin, bowels, lungs or the kidneys, the
toxins are removed via the mucous membrane of the uterus and vagina

Natural home remedy using coriander seeds:
1. Soak 3 tbsp coriander seeds in 1 cup water overnight
2. Strain this mixture in the morning
3. Drink this on an empty stomach

Natural home remedy using lady fingers and honey:
1. Cut 100 gm fresh lady fingers along their length
2. Boil them in 1 L water for 20 min
3. Strain and collect the water
4. Add 1 tbsp honey to the water
5. Mix well
6. When lukewarm, drink 60-90 ml doses regularly

• Drink 1 glass of cranberry juice 2-3 times daily
• Eat 2-3 bananas and follow it with 1 tsp of clarified butter daily


68. Home remedies for uterus infection

Natural home remedy using milk and asparagus powder:
1. Take 1 glass of warm milk
2. Add 2 tsp of Indian asparagus powder
3. Mix well
4. Drink 2 times a day

Natural home remedy using the Ashoka tree’s bark:
1. Crush the bark of an Ashoka tree to powder, commonly available at ayurvedic stores
2. Take 2 tbsp of this powder
3. Mix it in 250 ml of water
4. Heat this water till only half the liquid remains
5. Strain the liquid
6. Drink 2 times a day

Natural home remedy using flax seeds:
1. Take 4 tbsp of flax seeds
2. Soak them in 1 cup of water overnight
3. Strain and drink this water the next morning

• Drink pineapple juice to quicken the healing process

69. Home remedies for Weak memory

Natural home remedy using cumin powder and honey:
1. Take ½ tsp cumin powder
2. Add 1 tsp honey
3. Mix well
4. Have this twice a day

Natural home remedy using oats, milk, dates, almonds and honey:
1. Take 1 cup oats
2. Add 1 cup milk
3. Add 3 chopped dates
4. Add 3 chopped almonds
5. Add 1 tsp honey
6. Mix well
7. Eat this for breakfast
8. Follow it with an unpeeled apple

Natural home remedy using almonds and milk:
1. Soak 7 almonds overnight in water
2. Peel off the skin the next morning
3. Eat them with 1 glass lukewarm milk

Natural home remedy using honey and cinnamon powder:
1. Take 1 tbsp honey
2. Add a pinch of cinnamon powder
3. Have this at bedtime

70. Home remedies for fever
Natural home remedy using saffron:
1. Boil ½ a cup of water
2. While boiling, add ½ tsp of saffron
3. Allow it to simmer for 2-3 min
4. Transfer the liquid to a cup
5. Sip the mixture when hot

Natural home remedy using basil leaves, ginger and honey:
1. Crush a handful of basil leaves and a 1 inch piece of ginger
2. Place this paste on a sieve
3. Press the paste to extract juice
4. Take 1 tsp of this juice
5. Add 1 tsp of honey
6. Mix well
7. Drink this 4-5 times everyday

Natural home remedy using raisins and lemon juice:
1. Soak 5 tbsp of raisins in ½ a cup water
2. Grind the mixture after 2 to 3 hr
3. Add 1 tsp of lemon juice
4. Mix well
5. Drink for quick relief

71. Herbal treatment for Hemifacial spasm
Hemifacial Spasm is a neurological malfunctioning and the muscles of one side of the face tend to contract. Needless, to say the face gets contorted as an aftermath of this. This disease can affect both the genders without biasness; however, it usually inflicts people above the age of 44. This disease is also known as HFS and if a result of a blood vessel pressing against a nerve. This ailment has cure in other forms of medications; however, herbal treatment is the best to cure for Hemifacial Spasm.

Pinellia and Coix See are a very good herbal treatment for HFS. You would need to decoct Coix See (Yi Yi Ren) 15g and Pinellia (raw Ban Xia) 35 g. This decoction should be taken twice daily. The fist dosage should be taken after breakfast and the second dosage after dinner. The symptoms of HFS would be resolved in two months. This ailment could also be the result of some facial injury; which was not attended to properly or it could happen of its own accord. Medical science is still skeptical about the whole issue. Nevertheless, the herbal treatment given has helped a score of people around

72. Home remedies for Blotting (Gases)
Behaviors And Food Choices That Can Lead To Gas
Talking while eating
Eating when upset
Smoking or chewing tobacco
Using a straw or sports bottle
Overloading your stomach
Deep sighing
Drinking very hot or cold beverages
Chewing gum or eating hard candy
Drinking from a water fountain
Tight-fitting garments
Long-term use of medications for relief of cold symptoms
Carbonated beverages
Spicy, fried or fatty foods
Broccoli, cabbage, onions
Apple or prune juice
Dried fruits
Anything containing sorbitol, mannitol or maltitol, found in many low-carb or sugar-free foods

Beat The Bloat
Bloating is a sensation that makes the abdomen feel larger than normal. The abdomen doesn’t get
physically bigger until its volume increases by one quart, so the bloated feeling may occur, but the
abdomen is not distended. Intestinal gas may cause the feeling of bloating.

Here are additional suggestions to decrease bloating:
Eat slowly, and consume smaller, more frequent meals
Chew your foods well
Drink beverages at room temperature
Have your dentures checked for a good fit
Increase physical activity during the day
Sit up straight after eating
Take a stroll after eating

It is important not to completely omit foods from the diet that may cause gas. As we know, a high-fiber
diet is important for bowel regularity and colon health, so it is well worth the patience it may take to
slowly build up tolerance to these types of carbohydrates. Start by adding the offending high-fiber food
in smaller quantities, such as a half cup or less. Be sure that fluid intake and activity levels are
adequate, as they help to move foods through the digestive tract.

Natural And Other Remedies For Gas
Many advertisements tout medications or remedies that reduce gas and bloating. Some have been shown
to be of value in clinical studies, others have not yet been proven scientifically but are anecdotally helpful.
Before trying anything, you may want to consult with your physician.

Two products on the market can help with food-related gas and bloating. Both products are packaged
forms of the enzymes needed to break down the problematic carbohydrates. Lactase, found in
products such as Dairy Ease and Lactaid, can be taken with dairy foods to help break down lactose
and lessen gas. Beano helps digest the indigestible carbohydrate in beans and other gas-producing

Natural remedies for gas include:
Peppermint tea
Chamomile tea
Over-the-counter gas remedies include:

Activated charcoal
Lactase enzyme (Lactaid or Dairy Ease)

When To Be Concerned
In most situations, occasional gas and abdominal discomfort does not require medical attention. Over-
the-counter products, or a self-assessment of habits and changes in eating behaviors can help remedy
the situation. However, you should seek medical attention when there is an increase in frequency,
location or severity of the symptoms, or if they are accompanied by weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting or

73. Home remedies for high prolactin level

Take Vitex (Chasteberry)
Drinking herbal tea (Photo: Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images)
Taking Vitex (or Chasteberry) will help to naturally lower your prolactin levels. This can be taken in a pill or in drops. It has been shown to be effective in treating infertility and irregular menstrual cycles. Vitex takes a while to build up in your body, so you will have to take it for up to 18 months to see the results. Take 1,000 mg of Vitex two or three times a day for best results

Other Herbs and Vitamins
Vitamin tablets (Photo: Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images)
Start taking B complex and Vitamin E regularly. Take the standard recommended adult daily dosage on the bottle you purchase.

Purchase minerals Bromine Iodine and Silicon Sulphur and begin to take a tablet of each once a day. Also, get the herbal supplements licorice root, ginger, cayenne and golden seal; take one caplet of each twice a day. These can all be obtained at a local health food store or online. All are supposed to lower prolactin levels over time in both men and women. Do not expect instant results. You may have to take them for a few months to a year before you see a change.

Consult your physician before taking any dietary supplements.


74. Home remedies to Regularize Creatinine Level
To regularize the creatinine levels, it is first important to know what is causing the increase. It is when you address that problem that the problem of high creatinine level will be cured. The common causes of high creatinien levels are kidney stones, UTI, diabetes, high blood pressure, a constant consumption of antibiotics, side effects of certain medicines, and over consumption of red meat. Improving the condition of the kidneys, keeping the blood pressure in check, and lowering blood sugar levels are the main ways of controlling creatinine levels. Dehydration is one of the factors that shoot up the creatinine level. Make sure to drink lots of water and other fluids everyday to flush the creatinine out and keep the kidneys in a good state. To treat and prevent high blood pressure and diabetes, one needs to reduce the daily caloric intake and increase physical activity. You increase the consumption of some food products that are beneficial in keeping kidneys working well. These include lettuce, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, sprouts, radish, cucumber and turnips. Consuming a glass of cranberry juice on a daily basis also keeps the kidneys healthy and treats UTI. One must also avoid consuming dairy products, alcoholic beverages, red meat, caffeine, white flour, sugary food, and other fattening food that result in slowing down of kidneys functioning.

Herbs like Siberian ginseng, dandelion and cinnamon are also effective in lowering creatinine levels. Drinking aloe vera juice also has many health benefits like controlling blood pressure and blood sugar levels and improving the function of the kidneys. Holy basil is also effective in strengthening the kidneys. You can take a teaspoon of basil juice and honey each and consume it every morning on an empty

75. Home Remedies for cluster Headache

Tip 1:
Roast some caraway seeds dry. Tie in a soft handkerchief or muslin cloth and sniff to get a relief from headaches.

Tip 2:
Apply the paste of 3-4 cloves on the fore head.

Tip 3:
A peeled and chopped apple, with a sprinkle of salt eaten first thing in the morning, for at least a week will cure chronic headaches.

Tip 4:
Make a herbal tea with 10-15 holy basil leaves (tulsi), 5-6 peppercorns and 1/2″ ginger piece, powder. Keep in an air tight bottle. Take 2 pinches with warm water when a headache starts.

Tip 5:
Massage head with rosemary oil.

Tip 6:
Add water to 1 tbsp ginger powder. Heat gently in a pan. Apply the


76. Home remedies to Get Rid of White Patches on Skin
In medical terms, white patches on skin are known as vitiligo. This type of patches can appear on different body parts such as hands, feet, arms, legs, face, lips, and around eyes and mouth. The main cause behind this skin problem is lack of the functioning melanin producing skin cells. Other reasons are auto-immune disorder in the body, deficiency of vitamin B12, hyper activity of the thyroid glands, excessive stress, hereditary and increased exposure to sunrays.

White patches on the skin can be unpleasant to look at. But, there is nothing to worry about as there are treatments available to deal with this kind of skin problem. There are even some effective natural remedies that you can easily try at home.

Here are top 10 ways to get rid of White Patches on Skin.

Radish Seeds
One of the best known home cures for white spots disorder is radish seeds. Take about 25 grams of radish seeds and then grind them to make a coarse powder. Now to this powdered radish seeds add two teaspoons of vinegar and mix it properly. Apply this paste on the affected area for half an hour and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. In case radish seeds are not available, then you can use radish leaves. Take few radish leaves and grind them to form a thick paste and then add some white vinegar. Leave this paste aside in room temperature for overnight. Next morning apply this paste over the affected area and leave it on the skin for one to two hours. When this remedy is followed daily you can notice improvement in your skin color within a month.

Turmeric is another ingredient that can be used to get rid of white patches on the skin. When a mixture of turmeric and mustard oil is externally applied on the affected area, it boosts the immune system. Take five teaspoons of turmeric powder and mix it with 250 milliliters of mustard oil and apply this paste to discolored areas of skin twice daily. For effective outcome, you must follow this remedy for almost a year. Another option is to make a paste of turmeric and Neem leaves and apply it on the affected area. The antiseptic property of this mixture will help to deal with this kind of skin problem if the reason behind the problem is some kind of infection.

Cabbage juice can also be used to cure white spots on skin in a very effective manner. Extract some cabbage juice by crushing some fresh cabbage leaves. Now apply this juice on the affected area and leave for around ten minutes before rinsing the area with lukewarm water. Another option is to pierce a few cabbage leaves with the help of a fork and put the leaves directly on the white spots. You can also boil some cabbage leaves in water and use the water to wash the affected skin area. It is also a good idea to increase the intake of cabbage in your diet.

Apple Cider Vinegar
The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar can destroy the fungi and bacteria that causes white patches on the skin. Make a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water and use this mixture to wash the affected skin area twice a day. This will help to keep the area clean and free of bacteria and fungi. If this remedy is followed daily for one month, the white spots will start changing the color and the problem will disappear soon. At the same time you can also include apple cider vinegar in cooking.

Another useful natural remedy to deal with white patches is regular consumption of ginger juice. Ginger will increase blood circulation to the skin. Take some fresh ginger and crush it to extract the juice. Now mix this ginger juice with lemon juice and water and consume it twice daily and soon there will be improvement in the skin condition. At the same time you can even rub a small piece of ginger or ginger paste on the white spots for a few minutes. You can prepare a mixture of red clay and ginger juice taken in equal amounts. Apply the mixture over the skin spots, leave it for about twenty minutes, and wash it off with water.

Figs have some essential properties that can heal white patches. Try to consume lots of figs in the raw form daily for a month or two to get rid of the problem of white spots and patches on the skin. This will help to purify the blood and improve its circulation. Else you can roast the figs and powder them and add some water to it to make a thick paste. Now apply this paste on the white patches on the skin and leave it for a few minutes before rinsing the area with clean water. Along with figs, experts also recommend to regularly consume walnuts to improve the white dry spots on the skin. You can also make a paste of walnut powder and water and apply it over the affected parts of the skin.

Copper has got some fertility boosting properties which is good for the immune system. Take a copper flask or a copper vessel, pour drinking water in it and leave it overnight at room temperature. In the morning the water will be infused with copper ions which help in the production of melanin. Once the melanin level in the body becomes normal, skin pigmentation could be corrected and the problem of white patches will be no more. Try to have this water on an empty stomach, every morning. Do not keep this water in a refrigerator as it can destroy its properties and will not be that effective.

Honey is used in the treatment of different types of skin conditions including the appearance of white patches on the skin. The anti-fungal property of honey is highly beneficial in killing bacteria and keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Honey gets absorbed properly into the skin and promotes healing. First clean your skin properly with water and pat dry it. Now apply raw honey to the affected skin area and allow it to absorb fully into the skin for best affects. Another option is to add two tablespoons of honey to one teaspoon each of rice powder, sandalwood powder and turmeric powder. Apply this paste on the affected area and wash after ten minutes. This will help to prevent the appearance of white spots.

Holy Basil
Holy basil oil is also highly beneficial in treating the appearance of white patches on the skin. You can apply the holy basil oil directly on the affected areas to get rid of ugly white spots and patches. Another option is to boil a few holy basil leaves in water. If you wish you can add some turmeric powder to the boiling water which is an excellent antiseptic and antifungal agent. Allow the water to come to room temperature and then use this water to wash the affected skin area or face.

Neem is excellent for treating all kinds of skin problems, so you should make a powder of dried leaves, flowers and fruits of the Neem tree and consume one teaspoon of the powder with water daily. This helps to fight any autoimmune disorders and treat the condition. Else you can grind some Neem leaves to a paste by adding little water. Apply the paste to the affected skin area and rinse after ten minutes with water. If done on the regular basis, this remedy will clear the white spots and restore the original

77. Natural Home Remedies for Reducing Sciatic Pain
– A change in the person’s sleeping position will bring about some relief. It is recommended that the sufferer assume a curled, fetal position while sleeping, with a pillow positioned between legs to reduce lower back stress, and to keep the hips in proper alignment.

– Applying alternatively cold packs and hot packs is another option for pain relief. Ice packs placed on pain areas for 20 minutes during the initial few days will reduce any inflammatory conditions present. Follow this up with frequent applications of hot packs to increase blood flow to the area to promote a better natural healing process.

– When the pain comes down to bearable limits, the individual should start walking for 20 to 30 minutes every alternate day. It is important that a sciatic pain sufferer maintain ideal body weight at all times. Walking is not advisable, though, when the pain is severe.

– Consume plenty of water to help the intervertebral discs regain their elasticity and natural position, and too keep the bone joints well lubricated.

Individuals rely much more on natural home remedies when it comes to treating common pains and aches of the body. But they will need to be followed earnestly to begin enjoying positive results.


78. Home remedies for increasing Appetite in children
The first thing that you can try doing is giving them snacks in between meals. This is believed to encourage eating on a regular basis. It will over time become a habit which will cause your child to move in the right direction. Make sure to NOT force your child to eat because it will just cause them to rebel against eating even more. You can also try eating snacks with them so they don’t feel as if the problem is revolving around them ONLY.

Stimulating your child’s appetite is another way to rid your child of a low appetite. You can try exercising and or walking for an hour or so a day. Constant movement and activity has been known to stimulate the appetite, causing hunger.

If none of these things seem to work for your child’s appetite then you can try a few natural remedies that are good for enhancing a low appetite. Ginger Root is really good for people with low appetites. It works well with indigestion, constipation, morning sickness, and nausea. You can have your child chew ginger with a small sprinkle of rock salt and lime juice. This will get their appetite rolling. If this doesn’t sound appealing to your child, you can just give them a simple ginger tea to drink a half an hour before you are going to feed them a meal.

Alfalfa is an appetite stimulate that has been used for years in the herbal world. Chinese medicine use Alfalfa extensively in remedies pertaining to the digestive system. You can give your child one teaspoon daily to help increase their appetite. It also helps with their bowel movements. So if your child is having trouble moving bowels, this would be a great remedy for them.

Powdered root of Horseradish is particularly a great home remedy to use to stimulate a healthy appetite. You can give your child one teaspoon three times a day before meals. This will help to create gastric juices which is a sign of hunger.

Aloe Vera is the number one choice for stimulating appetites. It heals the mucous area (that is located around the openings in the body) and it also works on bowel disorders. If all else fails, try using Aloe vera. One teaspoon daily is all that is needed.

It’s always best to try the all natural before you go with the extreme. Most times child with low appetites are just going through a phase. With a little help and a small push, you can get going in the right direction.

79. Dandruff:
• Dandruff is a condition in which dead skin cells accumulate and fall off from the scalp

Symptoms to look for:
• When you comb or scratch, shiny silver flakes fall from the scalp
• Itching which can lead to reddening of the scalp

• Stress
• Extreme cold or hot weather
• Fatigue
• Incorrect diet
• Energy loss due to an illness or infection
• Artificial styling products
• Harsh shampoos

Natural home remedy using coconut oil and camphor:
1. Heat 4 tbsp of coconut oil
2. Add 1 piece of camphor while it’s heating
3. Mix well
4. Massage on scalp when lukewarm before bedtime
5. Leave it overnight

Natural home remedy using fenugreek seeds:
1.Take 2 tbsp fenugreek seeds
2. Soak them in water overnight
3. Sieve the mixture
4. Collect the seeds
5. Crush seeds to a fine paste
6. Massage this paste on the scalp
7. Wash it off with soap-nut water

Natural home remedy using egg whites, lemon juice and margosa leaves:
1, Crush 2 egg whites
2. Mix 4 tbsp of lemon juice
3. Mix well
4. Apply on scalp
5. Leave it for ½ hour
6. Crush a handful of margosa leaves
7. Soak this paste in ½ L water
8. Mix well
9. Wash hair with this water followed by plain water


80. Natural Remedies for Treating Umbilical Hernias
Although umbilical hernias typically occur in infants, adults can also develop them if they are overweight, pregnant or have excess fluid in the abdomen. Surgery is generally recommended to repair the hernia, but there are natural remedies that can be used to treat or prevent them from recurring.

What is an Umbilical Hernia?
An umbilical hernia occurs when tissue, fluid or a part of an organ such as the intestine pushes through a weakened area of the abdominal wall, causing a lump or bulge in the navel or belly button area. Fairly common in infants, especially in females and those of African-American descent, umbilical hernias form if the opening in the abdominal muscles for the umbilical cord does not close up completely after birth, allowing a piece of the intestine or other tissue to poke out and cause a hernia. Generally, umbilical hernias disappear without medical intervention by the time the infant is a year old and are usually not painful or life-threatening. Surgery is recommended if the hernia is large, becomes infected, is a burden to the child or has not closed up by age five.

Umbilical hernias in adults, however, are a direct result of health issues such as obesity, pregnancy, ascites (excessive fluid in the abdomen), heavy lifting or chronic coughing. In adults, umbilical hernias do not dissipate on their own and can lead to complications such as the development of a strangulated hernia or an incarcerated hernia — both of which require immediate medical attention.

Treating Umbilical Hernias Naturally
Surgery is the recommended treatment for the repair of umbilical hernias in adults, especially if they become strangulated or incarcerated. However, there are some natural remedies for umbilical hernias that can help alleviate the pain as well as help prevent them from forming or recurring. Remedies that may help lessen the pain associated with umbilical hernias as well as possibly stop their formation or recurrence are:

Hawthornia —
a blend of hawthorn, litchi seed, citrus seed and fennel — is widely used in China as a way to strengthen the weakened wall of the abdomen (known as Qi). If used early enough, hawthornia can stop the progression of the umbilical hernia and limit their regrowth.
Using a combination of the herbs Shepherd’s purse as a tincture and lady’s mantle as a tea — both have an astringent effect that constrict the blood vessels and lessen blood flow.
Eating low-fat, higher protein foods such as tuna, chicken, lentils and other beans, cottage cheese and skim milk as protein deficiencies and surplus fat can weaken the abdominal walls and lead to hernia development.
Eating high-fiber foods such as dark green vegetables, fruits and unrefined whole-grains to reduce risk of constipation which can strain the abdominal wall.
Increasing water and/or fluid intake to also reduce risk of constipation.
Engaging in regular exercise to strengthen the core muscles and reduce risk of obesity; however, be aware that exercises that are improperly performed or involve heavy lifting put strain on the abdominal and/or visceral muscles. This can lead to weakening of those muscles and hernia development.
Acupuncture and/or reflexology on the colon, adrenal gland and groin points of the body by a trained professional.
Visceral manipulation by a trained professional.

81. Home remedies for bug bites
Pulverize Epsom salts and honey together to make a thick paste. Rub it on and leave it. When it wears off, repeat as needed until the swelling goes down.”
To make an onion poultice, chop your onion finely and cook with a little water until tender (not brown). Wrap warm onion in cheesecloth, medical wrap or flour sack towel and apply to affected area.

• Fatigue can be either physical or mental
• It is a condition typified by a constant tiredness or exhaustion

Symptoms to look for:
• Lack of energy
• Weakness
• Inability to focus on work
• Lack of motivation

• Physical fatigue is caused due to:
• Excessive physical activity
• Lack of sleep
• Vitamin deficiencies
• Loss of body fluids through:
o Vomiting
o Diarrhoea
o Blood loss
• Mental fatigue is caused due to:
o Depression
o Boredom
o Stress

Natural home remedy using milk, licorice and honey:
1. Take 1 glass warm milk
2. Add 1 tsp licorice powder
3. Add 2 tsp honey
4. Mix well
5. Drink 2 times a day

You may add ashwagandha powder, a common ayurvedic herb, instead of licorice

Natural home remedy using Indian gooseberries:
1. Take 4-5 Indian gooseberries
2. Remove their seeds and crush the gooseberries
3. Add the paste to 300 ml hot water
4. Boil the mixture for 20 min
5. Allow it to cool
6. Strain the liquid using a sieve
7. Drink it 3 times a day
8. Add honey to improve the taste

82. Home remedies for calcium deficiency

Dairy products:
Consumption of calcium rich dairy products like milk, curds, paneer and buttermilk is one of the best ways to rebuild your calcium reserves.

Green leafy vegetables:
Green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, celery, fenugreek (methi) etc. are also good sources of calcium.

A lemon a day keeps the cold away. For a bad cold, the juice of two lemons in ½ a litre (2 1/2 cups) of boiling water sweetened with honey, taken at bed time, is a very effective remedy.

Cut ginger into 1-1 1/2pieces and boil with a cup of water. Give 8-10 boils. Strain, sweeten with ½ teaspoon sugar and drink hot.

Soyabean and its products like soya flour, soya milk, tofu etc. are valuable sources of calcium and protein. A quarter to half cup of soyabeans in any form is beneficial for those with calcium deficiency. A vegetable made with soyabeans in gravy or chapattis made with Soya flour are the most acceptable dishes for both children and adults.

Sesame seeds (til):
Having 1 to 2 tsp of sesame seeds everyday is an effective way to keep calcium deficiency at bay.

Cumin seeds:
A teaspoon of cumin seeds is added to 1 glass of boiling water. Strain and simmer for a few minutes. Let it cool. Drink it 1 -2 times a day. If sore throat is also present, add a few small pieces of dry ginger to the boiling water.

Tips for increasing calcium intake
Include at least one source of calcium in every meal.
Have at least 100 to 125 grams of one leafy vegetable everyday, either cooked or uncooked.
Consume 2 to 3 glasses of milk in any form (like curds, paneer etc.) to supplement calcium in your diet. Overweight people can use low calorie milk products.
Restrict the consumption of fat, as excessive fat hinders the absorption of calcium in the body.
Have a sunbath every morning, as the early morning sunlight is good for the production of vitamin D which in turn helps in the synthesis of calcium in our body


83. Fatigue:
• Fatigue can be either physical or mental
• It is a condition typified by a constant tiredness or exhaustion

Symptoms to look for:
• Lack of energy
• Weakness
• Inability to focus on work
• Lack of motivation

• Physical fatigue is caused due to:
• Excessive physical activity
• Lack of sleep
• Vitamin deficiencies
• Loss of body fluids through:
o Vomiting
o Diarrhoea
o Blood loss
• Mental fatigue is caused due to:
o Depression
o Boredom
o Stress

Natural home remedy using milk, licorice and honey:
1. Take 1 glass warm milk
2. Add 1 tsp licorice powder
3. Add 2 tsp honey
4. Mix well
5. Drink 2 times a day

You may add ashwagandha powder, a common ayurvedic herb, instead of licorice

Natural home remedy using Indian gooseberries:
1. Take 4-5 Indian gooseberries
2. Remove their seeds and crush the gooseberries
3. Add the paste to 300 ml hot water
4. Boil the mixture for 20 min
5. Allow it to cool
6. Strain the liquid using a sieve
7. Drink it 3 times a day
8. Add honey to improve the taste

84. Home remedies for temper
Remember TIPB!
Temperature- put a cold cloth or ice pack to your forehead or wrists

Intensity- exercise or do a simple wall sit for awhile

Pressure- clench your fists or jaw, stress balls are very helpful

Breathe- breathe slowly. Think of the breath going into your nose, through you lungs, into your diaphragm, and back out your mouth.
– you can also do square breathing. Which is in for 4 seconds – hold 4 seconds – out 4 seconds – hold for seconds

These are simple tasks that do wonders. If they don’t work for you, don’t stress! There are many other ways to solve anger

85. Home remedies to remain active and energetic
Peel one clove of fresh raw garlic and swallow as if it is a pill. ( don’t attempt to swallow a piece of garlic that is larger than you can handle swallowing) Chop it to the size that you feel you can comfortably swallow using only water to help swallow it down. Yup you will have garlic breath for three hours or so, but you may feel a boost in your energy levels within 5 minutes ! ( don’t swallow more than one clove at a time….garlic is a very strong herb and will have dramatic effect on your physical body)

This second remedy has more to do with digestion but may also improve mood and immunity.

Raw ginger can be peeled and then boiled in chunks in water. Add white sugar or honey to the pot and then drink down once cool enough to drink. The raw ginger will reactivate your digestive sytem and reinvigorate your pallete.

86. Home remedy for damaged ligaments
All you need is one egg yolk,
and about 2 Tbsp. of tumeric powder, again I used organic tumeric to get the most healing benefits (in fact I use only organic spices to retain the potent healing properties often lost in traditionally processed irradiated spices, but that will be a topic for another post!)

Simply mix the egg yolk and tumeric into a paste and apply to the affected joint (do not apply to broken skin or open wounds)

87. Vaginal Boils Home Remedies
Boils refer to localized infections that develop in the deeper layers of skin. Boils initially develop as areas of redness and tenderness and in course of time they become firm as pus accumulates in the center. Pus is actually a combination of protein, white blood cells and bacteria and is a result of the body’s natural defense response. The pus forms a head in the center of the boil. The center then turns yellowish or white and ruptures. This causes the pus to drain out.

It is important to treat boils at the earliest, especially vaginal boils. If left untreated, the infection could become aggravated. The pain and discomfort arising from the boil could also worsen. In case severe infection develops, antibiotic medication may be necessary.

A vaginal boil could occur due to various factors. The most common cause of such boils is ingrown hair. Bacteria that are normally present on the skin may infect these hair follicles and lead to the development of a boil. Boils can also occur when a foreign object gets lodged into the skin. A splinter or a fragment of glass could penetrate the skin and get trapped inside, thereby leading to infection.

Other vaginal boils causes include clogged sweat glands. An excess production of sebum or oil can cause a blockage of the pore openings. Bacteria and dirt may then become trapped inside the blocked pore. Clogged sweat glands can also be a result of poor hygiene as dirt and dead skin cells may get stuck inside the pores. In some cases small bruises and scrapes that occur on the skin could get infected and lead to the formation of abscesses. The pus may leak out from the boil and spread to surrounding areas. This could lead to the formation of new boils.

Vaginal boils may be treated with hot or cold compresses. This encourages rupture of the boil and drainage of the pus. Hot compresses have a tendency to improve the blood circulation in the area and this helps the body to fight infection. Swelling and pain arising from the boil may be alleviated by applying an ice pack to the area.

An effective natural cure for boils on vagina are is tea tree oil. This helps to ease the inflammation. One can also apply a paste of turmeric powder and ginger to the boil. Keep the area covered with a piece of gauze for about thirty minutes.

A sitz bath made with Epsom salts can sooth, cleanse and even help dry a pimple in the vaginal area. To prepare this type of bath, run about two to three inches of warm water in a tub and sprinkle one-half to one cup of Epsom salts into the water. Soak in the tub for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse the area thoroughly after the bath and pat it dry.


Fungal infection is a dreaded disease to women as it causes a lot of embarrassment and discomfort to women of all age groups. Discomfort can be dealt with, but it has negative side effects in a couple’s personal life because intimacy is at risk. Although women suffer the most from this variant of fungal infection, it can occur occasionally in babies as well as men. There are many tried and tested home remedies that are proved to be an effective cure for fungal infection. Given below are 3 common home treatments that can be tried at home and you will notice that the effects of the fungal infection disappear in no time.

1. The first remedy for the fungal infection is yogurt. Yogurt is made up of acidophilic bacteria that are helpful bacteria. These bacteria produce hydrogen peroxide which neutralizes the pH level in the vagina and kills the Candida Albican fungi which is actually the main culprit in this fungal infection. Sugar free yogurt is beneficial to your health too. Yogurt can be applied outside the vagina or also inside using a tampon. Olive oil should be coated on the tampon so as to prevent the tampon from absorbing the yogurt. This can cure the fungal infection within a few days.

2. Another home remedy for treating this fungal infection is vinegar. It is a weak acid and helps in restoring the pH balance in the vagina. Take a tub, add a few drops of vinegar into it, and then sit with your naked hips immersed in the tub for around 30 minutes. This is also called as a Sitz Bath. It is an excellent cure to treat fungal infection. Vinegar is an acid which enters the vagina and kill the fungus which is responsible for the fungal infection.

3. Garlic is also known to help cure fungal infections. It is a very dominant and powerful antiviral and antibacterial agent that can kill the candida fungi and you will notice that the fungal infection symptoms just disappear. See that you apply olive oil on the garlic pod before inserting the garlic pod into the vagina. The olive oil acts as a good lubricant. The above home tips will make you realize that the fungal infection just disappears.

4. Take care of your diet too. Lots of fresh green fruits and vegetables and lots of yogurt will help you tide over this fungal infection pretty fast. See that you wear clean undergarments so that the fungal infection can be controlled. There is no need to panic as the fungal infection has a cure and can be treated with suitable remedies.