Treatment For Suffering From Hypothyroid:

Allopathy & Homeopathy have a different criteria for treatment, however in Ayurveda the root of the problem is eradicated so that the disease or illness never repeats. Believe me you will feel amazing benefits without side effects.

1. Swarnsutsekhar Ras 1 tab + Kamdudha ras 1 tab + Prawal panchamrita 1 tab Take thrice a day with (One teaspoon of Shatawari Ghrit mix with little amount shakkar (Desi khand).

2. Take one teaspoon Awipittkar churna (Powder) before meal.

3. Triphala churn(Powder) one teaspoon + Fried (Bhuni Hui) Kutki

Churna half teaspoon,take before half and hour of bed time with two teaspoon of Drakhasav syrup.

Note :- follow the all precaution in terms of food & daily routine.